Future Of The Left / Travels With Myself And Another
Album: Travels With Myself And Another   Collection:General
Artist:Future Of The Left   Added:Jul 2009

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2009-08-16
Why does this band kick so much ass? Here’s the follow-up to their 2008 debut Curses -- sadly not as good, but hey, it’s adequately shredding. Bold, scathing, oft-howled male vocals, syncopated drums & ripping guitars. Punk-informed hard rock with a self-mocking isn’t-it-ironic grin. What these guys do in 4/4 astounds me.

Future of the Left are two-thirds ex-McLusky band members (vocalist Andy “Falco” Falkous & drummer Jack Egglestone) and one-third Kelson Mathias (bass), who used to sing for Jarcrew. Apparently they were called Jarclusky for a while. Welsh band, Geordie accent. You figure it out.

Sounds like: Rage Against the Machine. Queens of the Stone Age. To a lesser extent: Anti-Flag, Against Me!, other screamy pit bands. Would someone please play the shit out of this record?

try: 3, 1, 9, 11
FCC: 5, 7, 12

*1. soft, inconspicuous start. crisp yelled vocals: “i’m an adult!”, epic sprawly wall-of-guitar chorus. who the hell is rick?
2. fast. low, driving rudder bass & fierce electric. a screamy, abrasive rocker.
*3. okay, you know the song, “the ants go marching”? evilly bouncy, ploddy white stripes feel. especially the callbacks.
4. upbeat, comparably tame. quirky 8-bit riff, callback chorus. more melodic vocals. i’m hearing art brut (in the a-file)
5. FCC brutal, hard-edge guitar. off-the-beat, disorienting time signature.
6. fast. more sustained, messy demo sound. fuzzier, less prominent vocals.
7. FCC very RATM. hard & heavy burst-apart synth. rude time signature, guitar & drums on same beats. anthemic chorus.
8. happy, boppy. peppy electric riff. normal time signature!
*9. fun, bright. melody-less yelled vocals & scratchy guitar to start. nice doubled vocals / harmonies in chorus. there are handclaps! this song is about... using plastic forks.
10. irregular riff that sounds like a piano exercise. off-the-beat, loony vocals.
*11. dampered scratchy guitar and high, hopscotchy bass line. it’s pronounced like “bike”. i know, i know. if there’s a joke, i have missed it.
12. FCC acoustic guitar and spoken word intro switches to fun, heavy electric midway in. too bad about the FCC, this is an excellent & uncharacteristic track.

Track Listing
1. Arming Eritrea   7. You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
2. Chin Music   8. That Damned Fly
3. The Hope That House Built   9. Stand By Your Manatee
4. Throwing Bricks At Trains   10. Yin/Post Yin
5. I Am Civil Service   11. Drink Nike
6. Land Of My Formers   12. Lapsed Catholics