Obituary / Darkest Day
Album: Darkest Day   Collection:General
Artist:Obituary   Added:Jul 2009
Label:Candlelight Usa  

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List Of Dead
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See Me Now
2. Aug 29, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton - Surreal Cage Match
Violent Dreams

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-07-08
3 words: Florida Death Metal. Obituary’s been at Death Metal since ’89 and have barely changed their sound. Expect very heavy guitars with a downtuned swampy stomp blazing but semi-chaotic soloing, guttural (but mostly understandable vocals), big drums, and lots of “errrrororrororrowww!” Overall mostly good stuff though maybe a few too many songs.

((((((1)))))) Starts low in the mix then BAM! Fast, raging Death Metal with wailing solos/breaks.
(((((2))))) Slow drum/groove based with a major “swamp stomp” rhythm.
((((3)))) Mid-paced 90’s Death Metal with very simple riffing and a very nice “death tone” (see Hellhammer/Celtic Frost & pretty much any other Obituary album) though a bit too redundant in the vocal patterns.
((((4)))) Major jud-jud riffing, lots of space between notes with a pretty cool “death trudge” vibe.
((((5)))) Big-ass death groove (without it turning into say, Pantera or Machine Head), very straight-forward.
(((6))) Very slow & doomy build up resulting in kinda lazy death/doom with a ton of resonating guitars and beefy riffs.
(((7))) More downtuned death tone but just going through the motions here.
(((((8))))) Slow build up then speedy & KILLER, bare-bones Florida Death Metal.
(((9))) More clean & catchy, modern vs. old school riffing plus some odd tone in the solos.
(((((10)))))) Brain burrowing FAST Death Metal with John Tardy usual blood dripping vocals.
((((11)))) Slow-mid-paced death march tone & tempo with some good pacing in between vocal lines.
((((12)))) Very heavy tone with solid guitar sound over all. Excellent build up & simple but rather good drum work.
(((13))) slow, downtuned, slow & plodding. Not bad but extremely samey.

Track Listing
1. List Of Dead   7. This Life
2. Blood To Give   8. See Me Now
3. Lost Inside   9. Fields Of Pain
4. Outside My Head   10. Violent Dreams
5. Payback   11. Truth Be Told
6. Your Darkest Day   12. Forces Realign
  13. Left To Die