Invisible Cities, The / Houses Shine Like Teeth
Album: Houses Shine Like Teeth   Collection:General
Artist:Invisible Cities, The   Added:Jul 2009
Label:Noisyfrog Records  

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Recent Airplay
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Marine Parade Road (Soupy)
4. Oct 09, 2009: The DJ Never Has It
Marine Parade Road (Soupy)
2. Oct 17, 2009: Music Rollercoaster
Marine Parade Road (Soupy)
5. Oct 08, 2009: Socially Unacceptable
Marine Parade Road (Soupy)
3. Oct 16, 2009: The DJ Never Has It
6. Oct 07, 2009: Total Pops Madness
Corpus Callosum

Album Review
Reviewed 2009-08-14
Sounds like that other indie-pop band that actually is indie but you can’t quite remember their name. Largely because the album varies widely in what sub-genre of indie it thinks it is—synthy, twangy, emo, electro, dreamy... some interesting chord progressions and band harmonies afoot. Overall, a mediocre affair which feels like it could do with a lot of polish. REX: 6, 10, 13, 3, 14, 5

1. Intro track--accordion, vocal-centric, noisy

2. “8-bit” drum opening fits into the synthy electro-indie-pop track. Some discordant guitar work as well. Slowly evolves to a less electronic cover of itself.

3. Vampy guitar intro, repetitive staccato vocals, bleeds into a sparse, open chorus. After verse chorus verse chorus does a little building bridge/outro

4. A poppier, more up-beat (but still not quite happy) version of track 3.

5. Cool little synth/acoustic guitar intro, then drops a fat bass line. Chorus is noisy/discordant in your expected indie-pop way. Some instrument drop-outs for variation in character. Clearly was meant to be the single of the album?

6. As the title says, “soupy”. Specifically, a high-portamento synth pad in front of a sparse drum machine. Male vocals complete the try-to-be-the-Postal-Service vibe. That said, one of the better songs on the album. Very nice build to end.

7. Quick catchy hook before going a little too weird in the chord choice department. Distortion, angst.

8. Sparse, acoustic guitar and male vocals. Organ and tinkly piano break down before brass interlude complete the picture.

9. Instrumental piece. Looping quarter note multi-instrument punches under some interesting sample/synth/pad work.

10. Bass build makes a claustrophobic, stressful environment under lyrics about geometry. Almost Zero 7 (the bass and chord choices). Then a rocking break down. WARNING: Unrelated filler material/transition at end. Song really ends at 3:01.

11. Filler track to parallel 1. Male vocals and random guitar action.

12. Sparse, repetitive, noisy.

13. The-Edge-plays-bass riff, male vocals form the center of the building grove. Death Cab. Maybe skip the unnecessary noisy outro (starts around 4:05)

14. Acoustic outro track.

15. Silence

16. Noisy/loopy. There’s a reason it’s hidden, eh?


Track Listing
1. Lizard Brain   8. 49 Red
2. Corpus Callosum   9. Oh, Drone
3. Saints   10. Pythagorean Theorem
4. The Only Reason The Club Was Made   11. San Jose
5. Flipped Out   12. Everybody Sits Around The Table
6. Marine Parade Road (Soupy)   13. Nowt
7. Carrier Pigeon   14. Tube Song