Harry Pussy / You'll Never Play This Town Again
Album: You'll Never Play This Town Again   Collection:General
Artist:Harry Pussy   Added:May 2009
Label:Load Records  

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Week Ending: Jul 12 Jun 28 Jun 7
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For Emil (Live) (Live)
5. Jun 27, 2009: lady gaga hour
3. Oct 29, 2009: IBS or Cron's?
Sick Again
6. Jun 27, 2009: Scatterbrain Radio
Live At Solon Zwerge

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2009-05-26
Low-fi bash-out dissonant craziness that veers from punk to noise to art all within one track often. Most tracks brief, bash-outs. Some tracks blend together, others are longer. All are just odes to insanity. First 17 tracks are studio, the rest are live versions or “live in-studio”. Whats wrong with a 45 second bash-out to spice up your boring old radio show?!!. Old Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers put in a blender with an entire peyote cactus, along with a box of no-doze and a cup of tequila. For fans of Soy Ricardo, Brick, Flying Saucer Brick, Bowery Ricardo, Baptism of Brain Damage, Exploding multicolored orgasms of Ravensfjord, take note.

1-6) brief bashouts, woman screaming, craziness
7) slower, dissonance and dirginess allowed to float to surface a la Pussy Galore
8-9) rockin bashout again
10) brief spoken word
11)longer insane piece like Captain Beefheart had he been born a hardcore punker, with a mindful breakdown that eases out almost mellow
12) rockin head bobbin, old sonic youth dissonance
13 (-14)) buried and noisey “samples” with noise rock instrumental, play with following
14) blends out of previous, good fucking rumbling droney noise
15) a “mic check”: she screams, howls. Would work as a strange interlude, perfect
16) tribal noise rock
17) noise, clunky, fades out
18-21) live bashouts, featuring intros and live banter (previous tracks, only bashed out live)
22) track 7 live, slower
and dirgy
23-(27)- 28) all just live bash outs
29) live bash out but turns into a meandering jam (version of #11), almost worthy of terrorstock (or kfjc!)
kraftwerk cover, you’d never know, another bashout
Next tracks are live in studio, with little intros and potty mouth stuff: 31) FCC in the intro, musical song though
32) long (17 minute) live psychey trippy noisey improv jam out
33) FCCs in intro, too much
34) bashout
35) FCC in intro
36) bashout
37) “chuck”, so I think they are rhyming things in there but I cant really tell
38-40) more bashouts
41) good 41 second intro, followed by very intense version of all of the above with a nice breakdown out-tro
42) another version of the previous (without the 41 second intro), if you had to sum up this band with one track, the bash-outs, I’d choose this track or the previous

Track Listing
1. Drop The Bomb   22. No Hey... (Live) (Live)
2. Sex Problem   23. Stop (Live) (Live)
3. Ice Cream Man   24. Smash The Mirror (Live) (Live)
4. For Emil   25. Chuck! (Live) (Live)
5. Chuck!   26. Lost (Live) (Live)
6. Smash The Mirror   27. For Emil (Live) (Live)
7. No Hey...   28. Sex Problem (Live) (Live)
8. New Song   29. Mandolin (Live) (Live)
9. Lost   30. Showroom Dummies (Live) (Live)
10. Peace Of My Ass   31. Orphans (Live)
11. Mandolin   32. Live At Solon Zwerge
12. Sick Again   33. Ice Cream Man
13. Velvet Pussy   34. Stop
14. Ms20   35. Smash The Mirror
15. Mic Check   36. Drop The Bomb
16. Stop It   37. Chuck!
17. Vox Wah   38. Lost
18. Sex Problem (Live) (Live)   39. Mandolin
19. Drop The Bomb (Live) (Live)   40. Sex Problem
20. Ice Cream Man (Live) (Live)   41. Smash The Mirror
21. Chuck! (Live) (Live)   42. Smash The Mirror