Savath Y Savalas / La Llama
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Artist:Savath Y Savalas   Added:May 2009
Label:Stones Throw  

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Album Reviews
Maria del Carmen Barrios
Reviewed 2010-01-09
Indie-folk for people who like Iron & Wine and the likes. It’s mostly good, old-fashioned Americana, led by acoustic guitar and a shaky voice, except for some tracks that incorporate some weird sounds from the studio. My personal favorites are 4, 7 and 8. FCC Clean
1. Starts up like any old folk song with acoustic guitar and voice, and then suddenly this awful, head-splitting sound comes in at about 2:20 and you have to stop listening. It makes your ears bleed!
2. Sounds like blues, like something you’d hear at a bar. Very lamenting kind of music, and weary. Has a female voice in the background that adds a nice touch.
3. Has a more upbeat sound than the last, doesn’t sound tired, almost hopeful with the use of some percussion and chorus in the back.
*4. Sounds less like Americana, more mysterious. Drums in the background sound almost warrior-like. Halting lyrics. Very cool.
5. Slow love song, although not a ballad. Sounds almost like a bad omen.
6. Instrumental, guitars, and slow beat.
*7. Slow beat on the drums, and soft lyrics, interspersed with some sounds like what you’d hear off of the modem, back when you had to connect to the internet. Actually a good combination.
*8. Another slow song, this time with piano and bass. Some guitar solos. Led by the voice. Sounds almost refined.
9. This is another slow song, but not very well executed. You just hear the guitar at the beginning, with only 2 strings being strummed, and it get’s boring, honestly.
10. Starts with beats from a synth? I can’t tell, but it starts completely different from the rest of the tracks, then the guitar joins in, and it sounds like lamenting blues again. Interesting, but not the best track.
Colin Raffel
Reviewed 2009-11-01
Savath & Savalas
Prefuse 73's soft Spanish side project, with a female singer. Lots of soft rhythms and singing, and electronic beeps. At its worst it comes across as cheesy, at its best it's a really nice sound for a quiet day outside. Not sure about FCC's because the whole album is in Spanish but I have to say I doubt it.
1) Environmental recordings/found sound intro, some melodies, not a song but a sound bed.
2) Gentle singing and synth beeps/electronic sweeps. Old style drums come in. Acoustic guitar soloing, also strings near the end.
*** 3) Mostly soft singing, some found sound, also quiet acoustic drums. Really slow.
4) A little more upbeat. Some Indian drones, synth stabs, then it fades away and we get lonesome singing and electronics.
5) Instrument warmups, then acoustic guitar and singing. Some orchestral instruments come in, then some drums and it loosens/weirds out.
*** 6) More atmospheric with slow soft epic drums. Most of the instrumentation is electronic, with some flutes?
7) Jazz influenced drums, singing. Chimes come in and drums fade out and we get a nice soft electronic outro.
8) Short instrumental/found sound interlude.
9) Echoed vocals, piano instrumentation. Really soft, no drums.
10) More of an ambient piece, with orchestra instrumentation and soft singing, no rhythm.
*** 11) More traditional acoustic strumming and singing with piano, then solid background drums come in. Big change around 2:00, cuts back to gutiar.
12) Acoustic instruments, singing and reverb. Really big lush sound with harder drums.
*** 13) Spanish style singing, electric guitars, percussive swells. Becomes more minimal at 1:30 or so. Instrument swells at the end.
14) Interlude: a recording of bells.
15) More tradional acoustic strumming, singing. A more upbeat feel. Instruments build, then vocal and some instruments drop out halfway through.
16) Instrumental free flowing outro, with bird calls? and other found sounds.

Track Listing
1. Intro   9. La Loba
2. La Llama   10. Pajaros En Cadaques
3. Las 7 Sendas   11. Me Voy
4. Carajillo   12. Untitled
5. Una Cura   13. Barcelonata
6. Pavo Real   14. Postlude
7. El Colleccionista   15. No Despierta
8. Sounds Of Bowery   16. Adeu