Primordial / Imrama
Album: Imrama   Collection:General
Artist:Primordial   Added:Apr 2009
Label:Metal Blade  

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Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
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Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
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Fuil Arsa
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Here I Am King
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Beneath A Bronze Sky

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-04-21
Epic, traditional Heavy Metal with touches of Folk and Black Metal. This is the re-release of the Irish band’s first album and demo hence the recording quality sounding a bit washed out and raw. Similar to Candlemass, Slough Feg, mid-period Enslaved or even Druhkh. Overall, solid mostly solid stuff.

((((1)))) Strummy guitars, nice flowing bass, soaring mid-paced tempo and clean vocals in Gaelic.
((((2)))) Doomish, big sounding Blackish Epic Metal. Really good tune but the vocals are a tad too washed out in beginning.
(((3)))) Raspy vocals, stirring & strummy riffs, pretty good mix of both Folk, Doom & Black Metal.
((((4)))) Clean vocal intro, very traditional doom with some interest bass & keyboards.
((((5)))) Blackish doom with a mix of raspy and clean vocals. An aquirred taste but damn good when you let sink in.
(((6))) Sort spoken interlude with cymbal clanging.
((((7)))) Bassy, Black Metal with a very good 1996-1997ish sound, not far from Agalloch or Enslaved.
(((8))) Mid-paced Black Metal with screetchy vocal. Not bad but sort of samey.
((((9)))) Celtic Folk with tribal drumming. Nice stuff pretty close to neo-folk bands like Of The Wand and The Moon.
(((10))) Strange, emotive mix of Doom & Melodic Black Metal, decent structure and sound but also not enough that makes it stand on it’s own.
((((11)))) Raw Black Metal with a strong doom sensibility. Rudimentary but strong riffs and above par vocals (considering what they’re working with).
(((12))) Confusing gloomy Death Rock/Doom & Blackish Metal. Oddly sounds like a lesser Zeni Geva tune.
((((13)))) Very 90’s Death/Doom (think: Anathema, My Dying Bride) mixed with raw Black Metal like Burzum or Darkthrone.
(((14))) Standard but ok, mid-90’s Raw Black/Epic Metal.

Track Listing
1. Fuil Arsa   8. To The Ends Of The Earth
2. Infernal Summer   9. Beneath A Bronze Sky
3. Here I Am King   10. Awaiting The Dawn...
4. The Darkest Flame   11. Among The Lazarae
5. The Fires...   12. Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
6. Mealltach   13. To Enter Pagan
7. Let The Sun Set On Life Forever   14. The Darkest Flame
  15. The Fires