Love X Nowhere, The / High Score Blackout
Album: High Score Blackout   Collection:General
Artist:Love X Nowhere, The   Added:Apr 2009
Label:Diy Release  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2009-11-08
Note: Pronounced “The Love TIMES Nowhere”.

Rescued from direct-to-main. Local, out of SF. Two brothers and others. Half fuzzy Moody Bluesy indie pop, half new wave / post punk. The fuzz is competent, but the rockier stuff is the good stuff. Shoegaze djs, feel free to spin the slow songs. 8 & 10 for more mainstreamy glam-informed emopop. Need a burrito break? Play track 9.

try: 2, 5, 4 (FCC), 9
FCC: 6 “bitch”, 4 “fuck” (barely audible)

1. abrupt and fuzzy. careening, limping time signature. like an intro to an echo & the bunnymen track.
*2. classic! jerky fast new wave / post punk. has a similar beat to “never say never” by the romeo void (!!). melodic chorus, hoppin bass, very 80s male vox. niiiice.
3. a builder. starts fuzzy, slow, pretty. shakers + tambourine + piano + strings. doubled guitar and vocals. full sound + epic harmonies come in for the last 2 min. solo piano outro.
*4. FCC (“fuck”) a good old freeway rock song. barrel guitar verses, fuzzy & loud 8-bit chorus. the main melody sounds ganked, but i can’t place it. is that “feed your head” in the vocal vamp? abrupt end -- fade out last few seconds instead.
*5. please play this back-to-back with pavement’s “conduit for sale”. spoken word lyrics over psych “ooh”s, laid-back bass and warbly, banjo-y guitar.
6. FCC (“bitch”) fast-paced punk lite. tunnelling guitar and rockin vocals. cool breakdown with sharp acoustic, brass, and keys. surf guitar outro. early fade.
7. slowww. synth keys + ambiance + padded bass drum + shimmery cymbals. sleepy/dreamy. gets kinda big, but ends quiet.
8. draggy coffeehouse strummed/picked acoustic ends hard-hitting and loud. basic, yet effective. has a little t. rex in it.
*9. (9:11) low-key instrumental psych. very soft/minimalist to start. bird/screech noises, shimmery cymbals, some trumpet, horror-movie piano, lots of washy fuzz. tappy cymbals + occasional bass at 2 min. guitar/piano cohesion at 3 min. looped bass + increased brass at 4 min. full band bit at 5 min. big blatty brass sound at 7 min. the outro starts quiet & loopy, but ends hard.
10. pretty/sad. mostly acoustic guitar + upfront vocals to start. full band midway for mid-slow mellow emopop. honestly, sounds a little like elton john.
11. (7:30) long effectsy intro. at 2 min, bright picked solo guitar over shimmery rhythm and easy drum kit. ends with guitar + warm bop bass + military snare.

Track Listing
1. Tomorrow's Retreat   6. Another Monkey On The Vine
2. Din   7. Twilight Mourning
3. Northern Time   8. Knockoff
4. Terra Fuego   9. High Score Blackout
5. The Gyre   10. The Diz
  11. Gooseberry