Night Control / Death Control
Album: Death Control   Collection:General
Artist:Night Control   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Kill Shaman  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2010-12-08
Post-punk / psyche that lumbers between slow dark gloom and pretty indie-ish lo-fi. Hollow drums, fuzzy vox, and raw sticky guitars throughout. Elements of ambient / dream pop. Oh, that’s a lot of genre designations. I guess this is technically “Noise Rock”, though the music never feels too out there or out of control. The Velvet Underground, yes. No Age, yes. Hints of darker Iggy Pop, JAMC, Sonic Youth. There’s something faintly glammy going on in here.

Night Control is Christopher Curtis Smith, of Rosemead, CA. He is likely unaware that the title of his record happens to be the punch line of an excellent Dan Savage joke.

try: 1, 6, 3, 12
FCC: 10, 14?

*1. slow toms, cool psych beat, soft melodic post-punk vox.
2. fade in. sloppy rocky psych-tinged laid back groove.
*3. crackling mournful synth-tinged electric guitar. dino jr. awesome repeated melodic riff makes the track.
4. white album beatles. slow cymbal-heavy low-key squealer psyche.
5. intercut noodling effectsy low guitar and voiceover snippets.
*6. easy lush drums, acoustic/tambourine dream pop. stripped down whispery indie vox.
7. space drums, raw electric, slow dancehall handclaps, twinkly piano. cute acoustic melody. mildly magnetic fields.
8. piano, shakers, warm-up percussion. twinkle twinkle. ambient, noisy, pretty.
9. sounds like ‘learning to fly’ goes psyche. echoey fuzz vox, rattle percussion, nice soothy guitar. long instrumental denouement.
10. FCC in the first 3 seconds. (just cue past it) rain stick washer effects. clangy banjo. some somber elements, but not a downer. gains surety and strong chord presence in the last 50 seconds.
11. noisy intro. echoey, distant psych. method actors esque vox. windy raw guitar turns beamy at the end.
*12. downbeat, deliberate. twangy guitar, haunty heavy piano. like a glam outtake.
13. action drums, screech noise, modulating keyboard.
14. FCC? soft start. sidewindy low guitar. shrill psyche vox. he sounds like darby crash on this track.
15. cool steady bass, melodic guitar and ethereal harmonies.
16. upbeat, punchy, piercing strummed guitar. charmingly lo-fi. kinda rolling stones.
17. jazzy drum-kit, circular electric guitar.
18. tv noise intro. guitar riff weirdly reminiscent of “under the bridge”.
19. noisy ruddery intro. jangly scattered experimental clutter. noise rock, what hey.

Track Listing
1. Good Looks   10. Don't Try
2. Know They Peasant   11. Hello Kitty
3. Two Hard   12. Trash
4. No Making   13. Life Control
5. 40 Years Old   14. 20 Years Old
6. _*_*_*_   15. Trouble
7. Star 131   16. East Side
8. Enunciated   17. You're Nine
9. Star 129   18. Those Girls
  19. For The Lanes