Cheer-Accident / Fear Draws Misfortune
Album: Fear Draws Misfortune   Collection:General
Artist:Cheer-Accident   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Cuneiform Records  

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1. Jun 03, 2009: KZSU's Heartbleeps (& Matthew Sperry)
4. May 19, 2009: Indie-Flavored Kool-Aid
Sun Dies
2. May 23, 2009: Music Casserole
5. May 08, 2009: Memory Select
Blue Cheadle
3. May 22, 2009: Memory Select
Mescalito/And Then You Realize You Haven't Left Yet
6. May 07, 2009: in the groove
Humanizing The Distance

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2009-03-31
Brand new release by art prog-jazz-rock-whatEVER band from Chicago that the promo sticker blames post-rock, math-rock, post-punk and most other indie rock on (yes, quite a mouthful but if you listen, you will agree! Or at least see why one might say that). King Crimson definitely comes to mind, and (of course) Soft Machine and Matching Mole, Univers Zero. I’d even venture to align this with the creativeness of Glenn Branca and other NYC types. If I was more familiar with Tortoise I would bet they ripped they rip these guys off. (I used to think that “post-rock” was just bands who wished they could play jazz or prog. If that’s the case, then this is the prog they wished they could play). Do not miss this!

1) swingy sultry and sexy though its off-time/dissonant, layered harmonized vocals make it very musical and fuck-music, not to worry because 1/3 in a more normal driving and pleasant (“rockin’”?) beat appears- great overall feel
2) brief experiment in insane mathiness, blends seamlessly into next track
3) (previous is a great brief intro to this) awesome Soft Machine/Univers Zero feel with sax
4) mathy rock with a flavor of prog, total coolness that will fit in well with a more rockin set, vocals make it very weird
5) wow, I repeat: “wow”, a dark noise drone with a strange subtle synth arpeggio over a cool complex beat that is joined with bursts of percussion, then after about 2.5 minutes female vocal interjection and a more prog tone takes over from the experimental madness (so follow this up with something more proggy, jazzy even)
6) more of the doomy impending feel with the sax and wall of drums, guitar, bounces around almost like edited collage so be prepared, accessible- then crazy
7) (brief and radio friendly) newer KC rings with soaring Belew’esque male vocals over a pensive if more normal feel, beat
8) very proggy, the orchestrated horn section takes center, upbeat driving
9) soaring emotional vocals take center stage, well sung. Before you think this is cheesy keep in mind that Darryl Hall (yes, “Hall and Oats”) did his best work with Fripp and Bowie singing over bent prog/pop compositions in the mid 70’s, not sure if the piano work that dominates the rest is a nod toward Fripp or what but what is the most beautiful track on the cd is quite insane for the better part of its end with a Daryl Hall vocs reprise

Track Listing
1. Sun Dies   5. Disenchantment
2. Mescalito   6. The Carnal, Garish City
3. And Then You Realize You Haven't Left Yet   7. According To The Spiral
4. Blue Cheadle   8. Humanizing The Distance
  9. Your Weak Heart