Lonely Island, The / Incredibad
Album: Incredibad   Collection:General
Artist:Lonely Island, The   Added:Mar 2009
Label:Universal Republic Records  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jun 02, 2009: Everyday Commotion
4. May 06, 2009: Signal to Noise
Santana Dvx (Feat E-40)
2. May 29, 2009: Secret Passageway Spelunkers
Who Said We're Wack?, Like A Boss
5. Apr 24, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
Santana Dvx (Feat E-40)
3. May 23, 2009: Multiple Personality Disorder
D--K In A Box (Feat Justin Timberlake)
6. Apr 21, 2009: Joy's Special
Who Said We're Wack?

Album Review
Mr. Zamboni Man
Reviewed 2009-03-19
SNL/Youtube phenoms spoof hip hop, rap, pop, mainstream music in modern Weird Al style. Instead of making fun of existing songs, though, they write their own songs that imitate certain styles. I seriously don’t understand the point of even reviewing this. It’s filthy. Almost nothing is FCC friendly on here. I mean, I find it hilarious that they actually sent KZSU a record, but if we are to comply with FCC regulations, there is not much on here that is playable. Maybe some of these can be played in safe harbor. As far as the record goes, it is not as funny as it could be. Some of it is pretty ridiculous, but most certainly this loses effect after multiple listens. Dick In A Box (14), I’m On A Boat (4), Like A Boss (10), and Boombox (8) are my favorites. Only two tracks are over 3 minutes. This is Weird Al for the digital age of short attention spans. Some impressive collaborations, but ultimately, Incredibad probably isn’t worth your time unless you are into novelty music like me.

1. Defending themselves against charges of ‘being whack’, well produced hip hop. No FCCs. Somewhat catchy. (1:17)
2. Apparently Carlos Santana really did start a Champagne company or something. This song is about that. It is pretty funny because of the whole ridiculousness of Carlos Santana making champagne. Pretty dirty, multiple s and f bombs. (featuring E-40)(2:35)
3. A viral music video phenomenon, pretty funny, maybe suitable for airplay, your call though, ‘I jizzed in my pants’ is sang like 50 times. Maybe it still qualifies as obscene because of content, but I’m pretty sure SNL broadcasted this on tv. Makes fun of the Eurotrash scene. (2:31)
4. Filthy. Countless F-bombs, not even suitable for safe harbor. Hilarious though. Probably their best parody. This makes fun of the rap culture, though it loses something without the hilarious rap-video-esque music video. Definitely check out the music video on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet. I have played the clean version via youtube a couple times on my show already. (Featuring T-Pain)(2:36)
5. Eye of the Tiger beginning. A joke that is not funny about a Sax Man stretched into a whole song, but Jack Black is nice to hear. 2 FCCS: ‘fucks’. Maybe safe harbor. (Featuring Jack Black)(2:07)
6. Horrible reference to The Notebook. Kind of funny past that painful one. One MF bomb, about going to see the Chronicles of Narnia. Intense rhythmic piano hip hop. (Featuring Chris Parnell)(2:20)
7. Annoying…s bomb(1:04)
8. Funny synthy-pop-hop about old white people dancing to the music of a boombox. One f-bomb; maybe could pass in safe harbor. Even has a relatively obscure Simpsons reference. (Featuring Julian Casablancas of The Strokes)(3:13)
9. “I’m on shrooms!” for 34 seconds. Probably best track for airplay, could be funny.(0:34)
10. This is hilarious. A day in the life of Andy Samberg…gets twisted. A few too many curses to be cool for radio. But really funny. “Like a Boss”. (1:47)
11. Not funny, annoying. “We like sportz”. C bomb. Song is synthy, bassy, overproduced. (2:04)
12. Electro hip hop, about a dream girl who does not sound to be too appealing. “Last week I thought I saw you on the street, but it was a bag of trash”. Turns into an ad for Chex Mix? (Featuring Norah Jones)(3:13)
13. Rastafarian reggae feel, funny to hear a nerdy, white guy sing this, I think there actually is not a single cuss or anything bad about this. (2:07)
14. Andy Samberg sounds like Barry White here, Justin Timberlake is in this. About putting your junk in a box and giving it as a gift to a loved one. One of the best songs on here. “1. Put a hole in a box. 2. Put your junk in that box. 3. Make her open that box.” FCCs? I don’t think ‘dick’ is technically an FCC, but it is repeated so often that it is probably at least indecent, maybe obscene. Your call. (Featuring Justin Timberlake)(2:41)
15. Ragtime, western feel, pop, “shit” once (1:06)
16. About punching you in your jeans? Electric piano, three way rap vocals, groovin’ bass. FCCs: 1 shit, 1 god damn, could probably pass in safe harbor (2:47)
17. This spoofs dance/electro/spacey music. About galactic athletes? 2 MF bombs. Kind of funny. Probably not suitable for air. (2:55)
18. Natalie Portman doing gangster rap. FCC violations galore. Not suitable for safe harbor. About her crazy lifestyle. (Featuring Natalie Portman)(2:27)
19. No direct FCCs on this one, but it’s about 3 middle schoolers penetrating an alien, so your call on that. Beastie boys funk-hop. (2:54)

Track Listing
1. Who Said We're Wack?   10. Like A Boss
2. Santana Dvx (Feat E-40)   11. We Like Sportz
3. J--Z In My Pants   12. Dreamgirl (Feat Norah Jones)
4. I'm On A Boat (Feat T-Pain)   13. Ras Trent
5. Sax Man (Feat. Jack Black)   14. D--K In A Box (Feat Justin Timberlake)
6. Lazy Sunday (Feat. Christ Parnell)   15. The Old Saloon - Interlude
7. Normal Guy - Interlude   16. Punch You In The Jeans
8. Boombox (Feat. Julian Casablanca)   17. Space Olympics
9. Shrooms - Interlude)   18. Natalie's Rap (Feat Natalie Portman & Chris Parnell)
  19. Incredibad