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Artist:Total Abuse   Added:Jan 2009
Label:Deranged Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-02-25
Noise damaged hardcore from Austin, TX. Like a more insane version of Negative Approach, a little Black Flag and Void and a slice of powerviolence (without all the super blurry parts). At times the noise skree they unleash is fairly typical and annoying but ‘spose that’s all of confrontational side of it. Overall, pretty good but not great, new vs. old styled hardcore. Ideally this should be just a 7”.

((1)) Noise srkee and fret & drum managling.
(((2))) (FCC “fucking” sung 11 ) Standard, pissed off shouted hardcore with a strong Negative Approach style.
((((3)))) Fast & angry, some cool stop/starts and blasting drums. Borders on some early power violence ‘ala No Comment.
((((4)))) (FCC “shit”, “cock”) Riffy, fucked up and totally nihilistic hardcore/punk.
(((6))) TOO MANY FCCs – AVOID!
((((7)))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) More “Black Flag Jr.” with a bit modern hardcore pace.
(((8))) (FCC fuckin’” sung three times) Steady & sluggish, mid-paced hardcore/noise rawk. Should be much shorter.
((((9)))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Straight up, no b.s. hardcore with backing chorus and good drumming.
((((10)))) Straight ahead, rockin’ hardcore with lots o’ bass. The ending is too long & redundant though.
(((((11))))) Fast & hateful hardcore. Gets right to the point
(((12))) Bassy, feedback-laden & more Black Flag-ish damage. Real basic lyrics & very repetitive
(((13))) (FCC “fucking” sung 5 times) Fast, blurry H.C.
(((14))) Mid-paced, feedback-oding h.c.
((((15)))) (FCC “motherfucking” sung twice, fuck sung twice) washed out guitar distortion, confrontational vocals.
(((16))) Minor Threat on a $5 studio budget?
(((17))) So-so, “chaotic” old style h.c.
(((19))) (FCC “fucking” twice @ end)
Spasastic, sloppy h.c. Nuthin’ special.
((((20)))) Tinny but spirited & raw h.c.
((21)) (FCC “Fuck”, “Shit” each 2x) Fast & really just TOO fast & clunky hardcore. They’ve already covered this.
((((22)))) Powerviolence-like blast & short as hell.
(((23))) (FCC “Fucking” 1x ) Noisy, rabid power-violence infected hardcore.
(((24))) So-so build up but rad HarDCore styled chorus.
(((26))) Blurry, power-violence influence HC with pretty rad chorus.
((((27)))) (FCC “fucked” sung 3 times) More of the melding of Black Flag, Negative Approach & No Comment. Pretty rad.

Track Listing
1. Introduction   14. No Releases
2. I Can See In The Dark   15. Hatred
3. Peace And Quiet   16. Money Power Fame Respect
4. Disease   17. The Same
5. Fucked And Injured   18. I Deserve To Be Dead
6. Secrets   19. Sex Pig
7. Cleanse Me   20. Total Abuse
8. Banned In Austin   21. Breathing Down My Neck
9. Scarred   22. Enraged/Pissed
10. Eastern Thoughts   23. I Can't Live Like This
11. The Same Mistake Since Birth   24. Writing On The Wall
12. Electrical Tape   25. M.D.J.
13. I'm All Wrong   26. I Give Up
  27. Ain't Got No One