Krysmopompas / Heute Schlafen - Morgen Aufwachen
Album: Heute Schlafen - Morgen Aufwachen   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Krysmopompas   Added:Dec 2008
Label:S-S Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-01-03
Strummy, angular Deutschrock/post-punkish stuff from Berlin. A bit like Wire, The Fall, and a few NDW (Neu Deutsch Welle/German New Wave) & punk bands. This also comes off like a German version of a recently unearthed Messthetics band. In all, some very interesting stuff. They’re named after the terrorist group in the sci-fi movie “Kamikaze 1989”. The title (roughly translated) is “Today sleep – walking morning”.

((((1))))) Nice build up and changing tempos.
((((2)))) Moody, mid-paced and steady with a bit of synth. Very similar to Wire.
(((3))) Slow build up with an ever increasing simple strum and mostly spoken vocals & some “ooo-woooo” synth bits.
((((4)))) Fast strumming, playful tempo, howling (!), some good drumming and a nice chorus. Title means “Oh, Cola-Cola – You Swine!”
(((1))) Jagged tempo, pretty good build up with some odd not quite all there parts. Weirdly the chorus almost sounds French.
(((2))) Slow, open tuned guitars with a reggae-ish & post-punk tempo.
(((3))) Flat singing, pretty good guitar strums and moody bass. So-so overall.
(((4))) More spoken vocals, slow tempo and melancholic post-punk style. Not bad but they’re repeating things too much.

(((1))) Metalic (literally, not heavy metalisch) chords, distant Mark E. Smith-styled vocals with a 1-2-3-4 post-punky tempo.
((((2)))) Slightly fuzz tone, more plaintive but good vocals. The guitars & stop/starts make it a winner.
(((3))) Strange proggy keyboards, big guitars and noisy, distorted vocals. Very disjointed but kinda interesting.

((((1)))) Slow build into a mid-paced, fuzzy angular pop/post-punk thing.
((((2)))) Strummy, “proper” indie pop with more “woo—ooo” electronic/synth bits.
(((3))) Odd tempo & guitar chorus sliding up, down and melting into strange shapes. Good walking bass line.
((((4)))) Judding to lightly fuzzed out guitar and wooing keyboards. Sorta like early Bowie gone post-punk.(CAREFUL – Locked groove ending!)

Track Listing
1. Stadtsspaziergange   8. Schiffe In Der Unterhose
2. Reinhold Will Nicht Den Ganzen Tag Dein Leben Reparieren   9. Weisse Flocken
3. Huttotschlager   10. Telespiel
4. Cola Ohne Koka? - Du Schwein!   11. Lolas Welt (Unbewohnbar Wie Der Mond)
5. Die Bewegung - (Tut Dir Gut)   12. Doppelhausalfte In Lima
6. Büro, Büro   13. Bah!
7. Guerillero Der Sahara   14. No Limit
  15. Du Und Diene Lovesongs