Don The Reader / Humanesque
Album: Humanesque   Collection:General
Artist:Don The Reader   Added:Nov 2008

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-01-25
Heavy ass post-hardcore-ish rock from San Diego. Very riffy with clear to “big dude crashing through a wall” vocals. Sounds a bit like Botch and Drowningman. Rather good but a few too many songs.

((((1))))) Giant platter o’ riffs.
(((((2))))) Tight, thundering and technical in places and other times straight up rockin’.
((((3)))) Zig-zagging riffs, vocals coming from different angles. Strays a little from being awesome but overall quite good.
(((((4))))) Immediately bursting out with drums and vocals and left-right jabs of riffs, lots of changes.
((((5)))) ( FCC “Already fucked” sung 2 times, “fuck you” sung once) Quick bursts and fast/rockin’, then goes all post-rock & includes the oft-used “Network” sample.
(((6))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Chug-chug, jud-jud, rorrgh, rorrgh. Bass, bass then “math-core”. More like “*meh*-th core”.
((((7)))) Thudding, jagged, tech-y but catchy, really good drumming.
((((8)))) Springy rhythm, deals with the straight-ahead rock out parts vs. techy noodling.
(((9))) Swarming, bursting, lots of stop/starts and huge low end sound. Would be better without the “post-rock” part, though.
(((10))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Chasing their tail now. Not bad but they’ve already done this jud-jud, tech part/post-rock part in at least 3 songs.
((((11))))) Heavy rawk with screamy vocals, abunch of good chord changes.
(((12))) Typical but OK ‘post-hardcore’ sound with good drumming, decent riffs and another post-rock “soaring” bit.

Track Listing
1. 328   7. Pre-Self Deficiency
2. Malfunction   8. Reader
3. Teethgrinder   9. Designer Flesh
4. Humanesque   10. Makeshift Splendor
5. Con-Sciolist   11. I Swallowed New Orleans
6. Hotwar   12. Guillotension