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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2009-08-30
Incredibly glam power pop collection of unreleased stuff from 1978-1981, all from the same dead record label (Titan Records). Variable recording quality here -- expect some of these to sound like really shoddy cassette rips. I’m hearing a LOT of Beatles. Male vox on everything. Both songs by the Secrets* (1 & 13) are the clear standouts. (The asterisk is part of their name. Really.)

The rise and fall of Titan Records is a pretty sad story, all told. Founded by dreamers, perished due to lack of industry knowledge, released only a handful of EPs. They were based in Missouri. It was the late 70s. These guys had quite a time maintaining a scene in cow country. Honour them now!

Sounds like: The Beatles, often. Lots of T.Rex & Roxy Music nods, but also classic by way of Cheap Trick, the Cars, REO Speedwagon, etc. This is happy, rocky, classic, upbeat summertime stuff.

Note: This is a promo version of this disk.
The full collection spans 2 CDs and features every song the label ever recorded. Just FYI.

try: 13, 1-4, 7, 10, 14
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*1. totally 80s. upbeat cut chords to start, poppy & melodic classic rock.
*2. twangy country electric, airy glam vocals: “na na na na na you’re a shark” note: this is a dwight twilley cover.
*3. happy, upbeat. cut chords & cool bass interplay to start. high glam vocals. lots of “ooh”s & harmonies in chorus.
*4. smooth/cool. saloon piano & walking bass & handclaps. kinda elvis costello.
5. wailing electric. goes for that boston/kansas/rush arena sound. cowbell is involved.
6. sweet relaxed rock n roll. croony, sort of sappy vocals. classic chill guitar.
*7. nice layered high vocals / harmonies. down-n-up bend chorus (vocals). midtempo, quick snare, pretty simple instrumentation.
8. slower. harmonics & tight hi-hat to start (i’m hearing peter gabriel) moves into laid back classic rock n roll and faux-soul vocals.
9. the high frequency noise on this kills it for me. i’ll put up with it on a screamers demo, but good lord. it’s a happy simple piano & guitar ditty with kidsong lyrics. god, my ears.
*10. lots of crackling on this recording. croony, vibra vocals to start, segues into smart, tight, confident pop rock... with handclaps.
11. not quite the cream riff, but hey. low recording. on-top-of-it drums, lots of momentum. classic rock electric solo action.
12. fuzzy recording. slower (relaxed, not slow), loose beat, sentimental lyrics. lilty “aah”s & beatles vocals. didn’t they play this at the enchantment under the sea dance?
*13. upbeat power pop, toms and quick-riffed mid-tone electric. this is our song, guys.
*14. smart & strutty. power vocals & chords-as-riff guitar. ends abruptly.
15. beatlesy singalong. slurred (musically speaking) chorus melody. relaxed drums & bass-line guitar.
16. bright piano a la “it’s getting better all the time”. pretty cheesy farewell tune. fades early.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Secrets* It's Your Heart Tonight
2. Gary Charlson Shark
3. Boys Please Change Your Mind
4. J. P. Mcclain & The Intruders Just Another Pop Song
5. Millionaire At Midnight Coit Tower
6. Gary Charlson Real Life Saver
7. Boys We're Too Young
8. Gems Save Your Money
9. Bobby Sky The Water
10. Arlis! No Way Baby
11. Gary Charlson Brown Eyes
12. Scott Mccarl I Hope
13. Secrets* Radio Heart
14. J. P. Mcclain & The Intruders Baby Don't Laugh
15. Boys On A Night Like This
16. Gary Charlson Goodbye Goodtimes