Jazkamer / Art Breaker
Album: Art Breaker   Collection:General
Artist:Jazkamer   Added:Nov 2008
Label:Smalltown Supersound  

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Album Review
Ben Wolfson
Reviewed 2009-03-03
Jazkamer - Art Break

Lasse Marhaug's noise band, now with fewer consonants: punishing distortion and pummeling drums with barely isolable screams and high-pitched feedback---an updated, stripped down, more aggressive Naked City. This is a 15-minute ep with 58 tracks so I won't describe each one, you can just put it on continuous for a bit. There are some longer tracks in the beginning (1: 1'50"; 2: 1:04, 5: :56, 6: 53) but most are under twenty seconds.

Watch the levels!

Track Listing
1. Art Is Magic Delivered From The Lie Of Being Truth   30. The Web Of Domination Has Become The Web Of Reason Itself
2. Pure Phenomenology Is The Science Of Pure Consciousness   31. Life Itself Is A Quotation
3. The Focus Of Subjectivity Is A Distorting Mirror   32. Necessity Is Blind Until It Becomes Conscious
4. Nothing Can Have Value Without Being An Object Of Utility   33. Everybody Dances With The Grim Reaper
5. The Great Tragedy Of Science   34. Reality Is Not Always Probable, Or Likely
6. Domination Delegates The Physical Violence On Which It Rests To The Dominated   35. The Slaying Of A Beautiful Hypothesis By An Ugly Fact
7. Dreaming In Public   36. No Emancipation Without That Of Society
8. By Virtue Of Consiousness   37. Is The Circularity Vicious?
9. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely   38. Speaking With The Vulgar
10. The Original Is Unfaithful To The Translation   39. New Riddle Of Inductionn
11. The Evidence Of One's Senses, The One-Stroke Method   40. The Presence Of Relevant Falsehood
12. Two Dogmas Of Empiricism   41. Probability As Certainly
13. World As Will And Representation   42. Transcendance Constitutes Selfhood
14. The Appeal To The Given   43. Useful As A Form Of Employment For Economists
15. Stripped Of Ethical Rationalizations And Philosophical Pretensions   44. Physical Evils Are Beacon Lights To Warn Us From Vice
16. Change Alone Is Eternal, Perpetual, Immortal   45. Out Magic Delivered From Vulgar
17. Emotion Re-Presented, Distilled   46. Absurdness Is The Essential Concept And The First Truth
18. The Total Imaginative Experience   47. The View Only Changtes For The Lead Dog
19. Work And Truth, Two Conceptions Of The Future   48. Weakness, Re-Processed, Vicious
20. To Die For Religion Is Easier Than To Live It Absolutely   49. Sold By The Unprincipled To The Utterly Bewildered
21. Only The Hand That Erases Can Write The True Thing   50. Autumn Is A Second Spring When Every Leaf Is A Flower
22. Democracy Is An Abuse Of Statistics   51. The Cry Of Men In Face Of Their Destiny
23. Life Has Become The Ideology Of Its Own Absence   52. All Currency Is Neurotic Currency
24. Every Work Of Art Is An Uncommitted Crime   53. Finally The Sacrifices Are Brought To Completion
25. Locomotives Of History   54. To Depend On The Presence Of The Crowd Is Weakness
26. Intelligence Is A Moral Category   55. Real Progress Lies In Learning To Be Wrong
27. Normality Is Death   56. No Fate That Cannot Be Surmounted By Scorn
28. The Whole Is The False   57. Out Of Discord Comes The Fairest Harmony
29. The Gods Look In Pleasure On Penitent Sinners   58. Art Breaker