Various Artists / Peaceville: 21 Years Of Doom, Death & Darkness
Album: Peaceville: 21 Years Of Doom, Death & Darkness   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Peaceville Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-01-03
Killer mix of the British metal label’s bands throughout the last 2 decades. Next to Earache this was one of the best metal labels in the late 80’s & into the 90’s (Deviated Instinict, Pentagram AND Darkthrone. Helloooo?) and still continues to put out top bands.

((((((1))))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Thick & dense Death Metal with Mikeal from Opeth on vox. A strong Morbid Angel/Entombed vibe.
((((2)))) Doom Metal ‘ala old Katatonia with an odd melodic, clean sung breakdown.
((((((3)))))) Slow, winding & crushing Japanese ladies making thee necro doom! Awesome!
(((((4)))) Fast, uppity hard rockin’, melodic, soaring female vocals. Strange but catchy.
(((((((((5)))))))) Totally bangin’ Norsk black/thrash, a very liberal Celtic Frost influence (the “Circle of the Tyrants” riff you CAN’T go wrong with that). Oüh…Hail!
((((((6)))))) Excellent, Swedish, melancholic loud, hard rock/”doom pop”?
((((((7)))))) Mellow, 70’s style intro then become epic proggy metal. One of their “hits”.
(((8))) Slow to uppity, melodic metal/hard rock with a thick layer of “broken hearted” emoting. Not really their best.
(((((9))))) Heavy, doomed out intro, elongated riffs and epic vibe and some nice keyboards.
(((((((10)))))) Rippin’ thrashy/melo-death before all the lame Hot Topic/Myspace haircut kids stole their riffs.
(((((((((11))))))))) Unfuckwithable 100% classic American Doom/Heavy Rock Gods. To know Metal you MUST know this band. That simple.
(((((((((((((12)))))))))) 3 Words: Unholy Black Metal! And yes, it’s fuckin’ HEAVY, alright?
((((13)))) Gloomy, death/doom with trippy guitar sounds & female backing vocals. Before this became a cliché and before this band decided to ape Depeche Mode.
(((((((14))))))) Ugly-ass Bay Area Death Metal, lots of downtuned bass/guitars. No polish, no blast beats just old school death metal.
(((((((14))))))))) Amebix-related and influenced, apocalyptic doom crust. Massive low end and way in the back vocals. Awesome!
(((((((15))))))) Whoa! Extremely wild & raw crust with incomprehensible (save the chorus) vocals. Smell the stench.
(((((((16)))))))) Ripper crust, total filth attack.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bloodbath Mock The Cross
2. Novembre Anaemia
3. Gallhammer World To Be Ashes
4. Madder Mortem My Name Is Silence
5. Aura Noir Condor
6. Katatonia Dispossession
7. Opeth Face Of Melinda
8. Anathema Fragile Dreams
9. My Dying Bride Like Gods Of The Sun
10. At The Gates The Swarm
11. Pentagram When The Screams Come
12. Darkthrone In The Shadow Of The Horns
13. Paradise Lost Gothic
14. Autopsy Severed Surival
15. Axegrinder Life Chain
16. Doom Slave To Convention
17. Deviated Instinct Cancer Spreading