Laika & The Cosmonauts / Cosmopolis
Album: Cosmopolis   Collection:General
Artist:Laika & The Cosmonauts   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Yep Roc Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-06-06
20 years of Finnish surf rock, twangy instrumentals that often moves beyond just surf. Fun stuff fer sure. Not far from Shadow Men on a Shadowy Planet or Pell Mell.

((((1)))) Slow & relaxed
(((((2)))))) Big surfy tune, glistening chords and a hint of electric flamenco.
((((3)))) Bassy, uptempo, very movie soundtrackish.
(((((4))))) Classic swinging surf tempo/tome, high note resonating, Has a ska break, too (!)
((((5)))) Cover of H. Mancini’s soundtrack theme. Playful albeit good kitchy fun.
(((((6))))) Gallopy very “Telstar”-ish number. Nice use of organ Used for a theme on Finland’s YLE radio as an intro theme.
(((7))) Dance beat with rumbly guitars and spoken voice over the phone.
((((8)))) Southewestern twangy mixed with electronic bloops.
(((9)))) Lots of really awesome guitars in all sorts of forms: surf, flamenco, mariachi (?) and rock.
((((10)))) Twangy & reverby drenched “surfing on the gulf of Bothina” tune. Typical but really fun.
(((11))) Fuzz and surf with a mechanical beat.
(((((12))))) Slow Americana type of er, “country surf waltz”. Awesome.
((((13)))) Crazy interpretation of the “Psycho” theme. Weirdly sounds like surf & early instrumental ska at the same time (must be the beat).
((((14)))) Lo-fi twang & hang 10 kinda thing. Rather bright sound.
((((15)))) Slow, suspenseful taken on an old Ventures tune.
(((16))) Rumbling, chicken-pickin’ wave crashers.
((((17))))) Uptempo & nicely twangin’, very much like a lot of the great pre-Beatles instrumentals i.e. - The Shadows.
((18)) Modern beats & electronics with simple surfy chords.
(((19))) Weird tempo sort of Middle Eastern-Central Asian but played as some kinda not totally surf or ska or Middle Eastern twang but in the middle.
(((20))) Simple beat & bass. Organ and doot-doot & bent note havin’ guitars.
((((21)))) Lounge surf-ska-60’s (sl)easy listening. Great organ sound.
(((((((22)))))) Excellent cover of Roy Budd’s jazz number from the original (not the crap remake) of the same name.
((((23))))) Bright chords, laid back tempo, glistening & resonating notes.
((((24)))) Simple tempo in the first half with a lot of repetition, nice organ sound in the 2nd half. Cover of a John Barry TV show theme.
(((25))) Odd percussion & organ sound. Lots of loose parts but not all working together.
((((26)))) Giddy up, surfy spy theme with another sk & jazz breaks.
((((27)))) Mellow intro, more electric flamenco with bells & organ near the end.

Track Listing
1. Metropolis Theme   14. C'mon Do The Laika!
2. Floating   15. Fear
3. Rikki On The Loose   16. Boris The Conductor
4. Note Crisis   17. Lands End
5. Experiment In Terror   18. Circumstantial Evidence
6. Global Village   19. Delayrium
7. Disconnected   20. Ny '79
8. Crosstown Canyon   21. Expose
9. Turquoise   22. Get Carter
10. Surfs You Right!   23. Fadeaway
11. Look! No Head!   24. The Ipcress File
12. Vendetta   25. Meneito Paraiso
13. Psyko   26. S.P.Y.D.A's Web
  27. Mary's Theme