Portugal. The Man / Censored Colors
Album: Censored Colors   Collection:General
Artist:Portugal. The Man   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Approaching Airballoons  

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Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2009-01-27
Dramatic, theatrical,(borderline-prog) pop rock. Out of the lovely town of Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man, offers a charming collection. It is also presented in an awesome, thorough carrying case. Lyrics are philosophical, production is lush, songs are strong. The vocals often sound almost female; Gourley uses nice high vocals, and uses multiple tracks to achieve gorgeous choirs for the songs, and can sound sort of like a cross between Jim James and Jack White at times. Some would probably call some of this a bit excessive and over the top, but it’s all good; the solos can be badass and the overproduction does not hurt. The album is divided into two halves; part 1: ‘The Colors,’ which covers through track 6, and part 2:’The Twenty-Five,’ which covers from 8 through 15. The second half is really proggy and is like 1 long song, but is quite exciting and energetic, and the transitions are awesome and do not seem forced. I can wholeheartedly recommend this, and this may be my favorite of the year. No FCC violations noted.

1. Dynamic tune with all sorts of interesting sounds, it sounds like a sitar is also in this song, in addition to a driving bass, handclaps, phaser effects (3:50)
2. Harmonic vocals open the track, drums are very present, basically a choir of gorgeous voices carry the track, interesting lead guitar work, strings (5:03)
*3. Noise, chatter open track, acoustic guitar, opens to a sort of proggy guitar part with backing vocals, blistering guitar parts, theatrical nature, strings (5:40)
4. Percussion and guitar parts swirl around an almost Beach Boys tune, groovy, rhythmic bridge/outro with tasteful organ (4:18)
5. Gentle acoustic guitar opening, sweet upper-register vocals, warm strings, great backing vocals, contemplative vocals (2:53)
6. Tense acoustic guitar opens track, low-key number that builds with backing vocals and electronics, dirty guitar work in the last part of the song (4:46)
7. Weird ‘intermission’ track; drum machine, weird skittery stuff and sequenced bass, choir of voices, trumpet? (1:50)
*8. Weird horns and vocals set the mood, drenching wet, reggae rhythm guitars, overtracked vocals, and gritty guitars churn out this sort of proggy track, trippy ridiculous ending, segues (5:03)
9. Sounds similar to 8, but it’s all sort of the same song, so it is understandable, ghostly-sounding synths, reminds me of band, ‘Black Mountain’, great vocal performance, string ending/segue(3:46)
10. Strings bleed into a rockin’ prog part with blaring organ, percussion, and cool unidentifiable ghostly effects (1:21)
*11. Eerie, weird melody, crunching rhythm guitars, trumpet returns with some flourishes, concise pop song with passionate vocals (2:35)
12. Refrain from 11 is altered up slightly here, slowed down, and changed in time signature, becomes a string interlude (1:45)
13. Gorgeous voices and tambourines open the track, bluesy, soulful vocals, a breather in the relentless second half, seamlessly drifts into a slow piano segue (3:46)
*14. Slow, wandering effect-laden guitar opens, more concise guitar part emerges with lovely vocals, builds to a theatrical wall of noise, strings, effects, guitar crunches, and gorgeous backing vocals, and a lovely melody (4:12)
15. Morphs into almost a dub-reggae variation of 14, as vocals vary it up a bit and guitars and strings wander off, a harmonica appears(!), and electronics and effects end the album as the drums fade out (2:31)

Track Listing
1. Lay Me Back Down   7. (Intermission)
2. Colors   8. New Orleans
3. An I   9. Never Pleased
4. Salt   10. Sit Back And Dream
5. Created   11. Hard Times And Our Times
6. Out And In And In And Out   12. All Mine
  13. 1989/Our Way