Baker, John / John Baker Tapes, Volume 1, The
Album: John Baker Tapes, Volume 1, The   Collection:General
Artist:Baker, John   Added:Oct 2008
Label:Trunk Records  

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1. Nov 27, 2010: lost and found
Vendetta: The Ice Cream Man
4. Jan 31, 2009: On The Warpath
Tom Tom (Theme)
2. May 11, 2010: Cassetteual Healing
Tom Tom (Theme), The Tape Recorder, The Caves Of Steel
5. Jan 30, 2009: orangeasm
3. Oct 21, 2009: Lost Verses
6. Jan 16, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
Newstime Bbc 1+2

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2009-01-03
Incredible collection of recently unearthed “incidental themes” for the BBC created by one of their most prolific composers. Lots of playful electronics and percussion ‘ala Jean Jaques-Perry and other times weird sci-fi themes. Plenty of great stuff to mix with or use as soundbeds.

((((1)))) “In the next 15 minutes the Penguin on your TV set will explode…”
(((2 & 3))) Corny, bubble theme with some cool beats.
(((((4 & 34)))) Airy, slow dark ambient-ish.
((((5)))) Jazzy, sci-fi beat, very cartoonish.
((((6)))) & ((((22)))) Cool, “how to sample” interviews. Sounds like it’s gonna be cut up by People Like Us (if it hasn’t been done already)
((((7)))) Silly but pleasant commercial theme. God, this title sounds so British!
(((8))) Kooky, late 60’s “Doot-tootie” thing.
((9)) Sombre, typical “dramatic” documentary theme.
((((10)))) Funky ass, clicky beat, flute & bass.
((((11)))) “It’s currently 15:00 GMT and you’re watching Big Ben Niwsz…”
((((((12)))))) Whoa – bubbly, spy-surf-60’s grooviness.
((((13))) Playful wackiness with the sound of several pence rolling on a desk.
(((14))) Goofy, bubbly theme for a kid’s show
((((15))) More bubbles but this time more dramatic and filled with a telephone ringing & a few super high pitches.
(((16))) Similar to #7
(((17))) Kooky-60’s high pitches, warbling grooves and the like. Did MF Doom sample this already?
(((18))) Today in the lab we’ll be making bubbles and playing a xylophone, cracking good, innit?
(((19))) Early synth/early 70’s era kids theme
((((20))) Peep-peep, slow perculating bubbles and piano.
(((21))) More of the same except more bloops and blorps.
(((23)) Sounds like a setting on a cell phone only bass and more pleasant.
((((24)))) Short news time intro.
((((25)))) Dreaming in Mr. Rogers neighborhood?
(((26))) It’s the punch card computer theme.
((((27)))) Shh…they’re using sonar! Proto-dark ambient piece.
(((28))) Someone’s doorbell circa: 1966 then more sonic polyester fibers.
(((29))) NASA failed mission of the “bleep, quant, bloop” rocket.
(((30))) A deformed “samba” setting on every early Casio keyboard?
(((31))))Cartoon kookiness.
(((32))) Airy light, jazzy
((((33)))) Nutty ‘lil percussion & silly very 60s’ vocals. Points for the kitsch factor.
(((35))) Simple call & response theme with kids chorus and presenter.
(((35))) Twangy, western with then modern electronics.
((36)) More “dee-deet-dee” …and now the news
((37) Sombre then light jazz
((((38)))) Actual locust sound. Cool!
(((39))) More wacky koo—koo, nuttiness.
(((40)) Clanking percussion
(((41 & 42))) Twang, twang, flooopbee bloop electronics
(((43 & 44))) Very simple almost near techno beat with a bunch of high level squals.
(((((((45)))))) Whoa! Fast, bouncy, jazz-techno!?!
(((46))) Sci-fi filler, silly but amusing
(((47, 48, 49))) Blorps, pianos, growling and pings

Track Listing
1. Newstime Bbc 1+2   25. Man Alive: Ufo
2. Tros Y Gareg (Main Theme)   26. Pm - Computers In Business
3. Tros Y Gareg (Idents)   27. Submarines
4. 20th Century Focus   28. Oranges And Lemons (Radio London)
5. Vendetta: The Ice Cream Man   29. Orbit
6. Woman's Hour (Reading Your Letters)   30. Places For People
7. Many A Slip   31. Sling Your Hook
8. Look And Read   32. Suivez La Piste
9. Building The Bomb   33. Scene (Never Never)
10. Au Printemps   34. Diary Of A Madman
11. Big Ben News Theme   35. The Two O'clock Spot
12. Codename   36. Radio London: News Idents
13. Decimal Currency   37. The Caves Of Steel
14. Barnacle Bill   38. The Locusts
15. Dial M For Murder   39. Square Two
16. Farm Management   40. The Tape Recorder
17. Radio Sheffield (News Idents)   41. Tom Tom (Theme)
18. French Science And Technnology   42. Tom Tom (Idents)
19. Good Morning Wales (Idents)   43. Trial (Opening Theme)
20. Heavy Plant Crossing   44. Trial (Closing Theme)
21. Coi Technology Pavilion   45. Vendetta: The Sugar Man
22. John Baker Interview (Radio Nottingham)   46. Spin Off
23. Radio Nottingham Idents   47. Radiophonic Fx C
24. Look North: Newstime   48. Radiophonic Fx A
  49. Radiophonic Fx B