Various Artists / Bay Area Thrash Iii: Ballistic Thrash Dentonation
Album: Bay Area Thrash Iii: Ballistic Thrash Dentonation   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2008
Label:625 Thrashcore  

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2. Feb 25, 2009: Baptism of Solitude
5. Jan 30, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
No Trust
3. Feb 06, 2009: gasmgasm
For My People
6. Jan 28, 2009: Baptism of Bloodstains - sub for Mike

Album Review
Reviewed 2008-12-08
V/A Bay Area Thrash III Compilation - Ballistic Thrash Detonation CD (Six Two Five)
A collection of Bay Area hardcore, fastcore, and grindcore bands. The sounds do range from 80s hardcore to raw grind. Almost everything is fast and heavy. Only one track over 2 minutes long
**1. Slow heavy beginning into fast almost grindcore. Multiple vocalists.
2. Medium paced and short. Does speed up at the end
3. Slower with call-n-response vocals. Some fast moments.
4. 7 seconds of speedy grind.
**5. Slow beginning, pick slides, multiple vocalists.
6. Raw grind. Short.
7. Speedy fastcore/hardcore. Anthem.
8. Punkish with vocals you can understand. Punk rock breakdown.
9. FCC (mother fucking). Slower, simpler. Does speed up and goes through a few other changes.
**10. Dramatic simple intro into speedy hardcore. Slight gallop. Gang vocal breakdown.
11. FCC (fucking) Fast, pummeling fastcore/hardcore bordering on powerviolence.
12. Noisy, fast and short.
13. Medium paced and heavier which changes to fast and chaotic and then goes back to the sounds from the beginning of the track.
14. Bursts of speed.
**15. Lots of bass. Changes speeds a lot. INFEST cover.
**16. Starts and ends with a sample. Super fast hardcore with vocals you can understand. (one shit in the sample at the end)
17. Speedy fastcore. High pitched vocals.
18. Bass intro into 80s sounding hardcore guitar all before going fast.
**19. Great speedy DRI cover. Short.
20. Speedy tight hardcore guitar.
**21. 80s hardcore anthem with gang vocals during the chorus. Vocals you can understand. This is one of the best bay area hardcore bands going.
**22. FCC (one fuck) Great band theme song.
**23. FCC (one fuck) Slower stomping beginning with some clean sounding guitar.
**24. VOID cover. Classic 80s hardcore.
25-29. Grindcore that remind me of UNHOLY GRAVE. Gruff vocals.
30. FCC (fuck) Chaotic fastcore with nice hardcore breakdown.
31. Straight forward and fast. Ends with feedback
32. Longest track on the CD. Fastcore. Slow heavy breakdown.
33. Fast hardcore.
Great stuff. -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. In Disgust Ghost
2. In Disgust In My Head
3. In Disgust Industrial Ghetto
4. In Disgust Ojos Triste
5. In Disgust Used To Be
6. In Disgust Llora Despues
7. Beforeafter Street Cleaner
8. Beforeafter Obsolete Existence
9. Beforeafter What You Don't Get
10. Beforeafter For My People
11. Rosenbombs Confied
12. Rosenbombs Keepin' It Real
13. Rosenbombs American Dream
14. Rosenbombs Truth Of The Assumed
15. Rosenbombs Judge Me (Jnfest Cover)
16. Suburban Death Camp Clocked In
17. Suburban Death Camp Zodiac
18. Suburban Death Camp Bomb Everything
19. Suburban Death Camp Madman (D.R.I. Cover)
20. Suburban Death Camp Suicide Attacks
21. Second Opinion Revolt
22. Second Opinion Second Opinion
23. Second Opinion Lockdown
24. Second Opinion My Rules (Void Cover)
25. Brutal Death Survival Denied
26. Brutal Death False Hope
27. Brutal Death Ignorance Incasing
28. Brutal Death Malasise Of Existence
29. Brutal Death Uncertain Future
30. Brutal Death Uncertain Future
31. No Dice Asshole
32. No Dice No Trust
33. No Dice Suffer
34. No Dice Guilt