Lee, Bill Featuring Bradford Marsalis / Do The Right Thing: Original Score
Album: Do The Right Thing: Original Score   Collection:Soundtrack 12"
Artist:Lee, Bill Featuring Bradford Marsalis   Added:Sep 2008

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Wake Up Finale, Mookie (Septet)
2. Sep 12, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, doing the right thing with dr. who
How Long?, Mookie (Septet), Magic, Eddie, Prince Ain't Niggers, Riot, Delivery For Love Daddy, Da Mayor Drinks His Beer, Father To Son, We Love Roll Call Y-All, Mookie Goes Home

Track Listing
1. Mookie Goes Home   8. Mookie (Septet)
2. We Love Roll Call Y-All   9. How Long?
3. Father To Son   10. Mookie (Orchestra)
4. Da Mayor Drinks His Beer   11. Da Mayor Loves Mother Sister
5. Delivery For Love Daddy   12. Da Mayor Buys Roses
6. Riot   13. Tawana
7. Magic, Eddie, Prince Ain't Niggers   14. Malcolm And Martin
  15. Wake Up Finale