Avskum / Uppror Underifrån
Album: Uppror Underifrån   Collection:General
Artist:Avskum   Added:Aug 2008

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Posttraumtistkt Helvete
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-09-20
TOTALLY CHARGED, absolut Swedish Crust Punk. These dudes are now in their 40’s and still can play with plenty of intensity. Lots of state-smashin’ anthems sung predominately “en Svensk” and 3 in English. All focused on fucking shit up in any language.

((((1)))) Moody, slow intro then multiple vocals of shouted Swedish, unruly and aggressive.
((((((2))))) Look out there’s a d-beat massacre headed your way!
(((((3)))))) Fast, raging and terminally pissed. The title means “the ending”.
(((((4))))) Discharge/Motorhead style crust with a crazy washed out guitar sound. Catchy chorus, too.
((((((((5)))))))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Jaaa! Anti-war, slaying guitar/bass/drum sounds. Wailing guitars and everything that makes Crust Punk rule!
((((((((((6))))))))))) Simple and to the point ultra-crussssstttt with that 5 chord tempo that just OWNS!
((((((((7))))))) Fast and blazing with solid backing vocals.
(((((8))))) Bare-bones, heavy as hell d-beat but even at that…wow!
(((((((9))))))) Punk as fuck.
((((((10))))) Fast, firing on all cylinders and d-beatin’ to Armageddon.
(((((((11)))))) The soundtrack to impaling the Blackwater CEO on an IKEA lamp.
((((((12)))))) 1-2-3 change & repeat riffage and more blazing guitars.
(((((13))))) Fast but sorta anthemic – tons of bass. Lyrics about the Israel-Palestine situation.
(((((((14))))))) Loud, rip-roar ugly hardcore/punk.
((((((15))))) Incredible riffs like a totally apocalyptic Motorhead-style by way of World Burns To Death.
((((((16)))))) Venomous, spiteful crust with another killer solo.

Track Listing
1. Kapitalismens Yttersta   10. Posttraumtistkt Helvete
2. Dagar   11. Nationalstaten Faller
3. Masskonsumtions Helvetet   12. Porrtorsk
4. Patriarkhatet   13. Krig Arett Javla Vansinne
5. Slutet   14. Forbannade Forintelse
6. The Massacre In Fallujah   15. Dodsfabriken
7. Befria Dom Rika   16. Capitalism Is Terrorism
8. Killed By The State   17. Vem Fan Ar Terrorist? Din
9. Uppror Underifrån   18. Rika Javel!