Anbian, Robert / I Not I
Album: I Not I   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Anbian, Robert   Added:Aug 2008
Label:Edgetone Records  

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Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2009-03-11
Good poetry, peppered with military & youth references. Can trace its lineage to the Beats. Disc 1 is poetry- if you want to play a few together, disc 1 tracks 2-6 are a set, 7-11, 12-15, 16-20 are other sets. Disc 2 are stories.

+1.parade of life, religion, fleetingness
2. sets a scene, ends w/”Burn the flag”
3.Mentions the Christmas bombing of Vietnam (& taking LSD?)
+4.beach in winter, being young sexy vagrants
5.bad old days
+6.Aftermath of WWII, Vietnam
8.death and home
9.romance of the ocean
11.out of place in a Haiti
12.FCC “shit”x3 (and I don’t understand this poem)
13. lost ancestors, bad modern city
14.familiar passion
15.need? DC in the rain?
16.Not sure what it’s about summer beach
19.cozy rain in Africa
+20.expands on track 2 from another point of view. bitter sarcasm.
21.silly fun soul is a soup
+22.Hypocracy exposed, maybe too political, end is better than start.
23.Nostalgia for schooldays in NJ. possible FCC, “titties”
24.lo-fi late night old recording, quiet speaking, gently menacing tinkling, mention twins making out and melting

Disc 2. Half hour stories. Both good, positive, but 2nd is for safe harbor only due to light cussing.
1.In 2nd grade catholic school,1958. Milk, height, & skin color.
2.Far-out ’72 drug damaged life story (and the blues harmonica). FCC: A few “shit”s, “fucking”s. Story told w/sing-song quality.

Track Listing
1. Today   14. We 2.8 Lover, Tonight When...
2. We 3.1 Armistice Day Came Early...   15. We 2.9 Apres Moi Le Deluge...
3. We 3.2 Odd Man Out...   16. We 3.7 Sails On The Narrows...
4. We 3.3 ...From Harleigh Cemetery...   17. We 3.8 On The Poor Side Of The City...
5. We 3.4 Roll The Dice...   18. We 3.9 Blue Gunfire...
6. We 3.5 We Were Young...   19. We 3.10 Black Skies...
7. We 1.1 We Thrive On Flame...   20. We 3.12 In A Bar We Called...
8. We 1.5 Life, Though Mean...   21. Yum Yum Yum
9. We 1.9 Soul Full Of Seawater...   22. My Country Loves Peace (Remix)
10. We 1.10 In Africa, We'll Stroll...   23. Mt. Holly Days
11. We 1.15 We, The Panic...   24. Real Estate
12. We 2.5 We Loved The World...   25. The Day I Became White
13. We 2.7 Automobiles Crawling...   26. War