Grave / Dominion Viii
Album: Dominion Viii   Collection:General
Artist:Grave   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Regain Records  

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1. Nov 01, 2008: Cumstains Across Bloodstains
Annihilated God
2. Oct 25, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Total Horrorshow
Annihilated God
5. Sep 06, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton: Moose Rams Into Palin, Nugent
Stained By Hate
3. Oct 04, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton
6. Sep 03, 2008: Emphysema For Emphasis
A World In Darkness

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-08-14
Deep throated, thick & dense Swedish Death Metal. These guys have been around since 1988. Grave concentrates their sound more on resonance of riffs hence the “nothin’ fancy, always going for the kill” style. That said, when Grave gets going fast they are just as potent as some of their country mates (Unleashed, Entombed, Dismember). Quite potent in its rage and “ca-coffiny”. A mix of Autopsy, Celtic Frost and (Sweden’s) Nihilist/Entombed.

Never mind the conventional wisdom about “metal died in the 90’s”,
It was bands like Grave and Swedish Death Metal (to use one of many examples) in general that made the genre remain relevant.

(((((1))))) Solid 3-4 note riff and annihilates your brain then descends into the death march ‘ala Celtic Frost circa: “To Mega Therion” and back. “Auuugh!”
(((((2))))) Slow intro then BAM! Ultra-fast guttural Death Fuckin’ Metal that later rides on a slow pace then back.
(((((3)))) Bombastic and resonating, AMAZING classic Swede DM riffage, mid-pace to fast to doomy all kept up but does drag a little in places.
((((((4))))))) Extremely thick riffs, then fiery torrents of fierce, fast n’ violent death metal with a crushing doom breakdown. “For yourrrr Christ-Insanity…!”
(((((5))))) Charged speed to mid-paced to speed again. The riffs and touches of the very simple make this shine (cymbal crashes, a chord change or two, chaotic solo here & there). “Holy fatherrrr-I will sinnn agaiiiiinnnnnn!”
((((((6))))))) In only 3 seconds you KNOW this will kick you ass! Brrrguuugh! Fast, maniacal ultra-death metal. Definitive of that ugly but awesome sound.
(((((7)))) Chaotic solos, stripped down, straight up, no frills Nihilist/Entombed/Autopsy rager.
((((8))) Decent mid-paced, thick riff rider.
((9)) Slow intro, builds up with big vocal/riff sound then moves outward.

Track Listing
1. A World In Darkness   5. Bloodpath
2. Fallen (Angel Son)   6. Annihilated God
3. Deathstorm   7. Sinners Lust
4. Stained By Hate   8. Dark Signs
  9. 8th Dominion