Hail Of Bullets / Of Frost And War
Album: Of Frost And War   Collection:General
Artist:Hail Of Bullets   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Metal Blade  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-07-29
Death Metal focused completely on war. Not for or against, just describing it in the mostly brutal and effective fashion. Sonically it’s filled with heavy, agonized vocals, sharp riffs and speedy to doomy tempos. Very much like Bolt Thrower (who H.o.B.’s Martin Van Drunen sang for in 1994-1997), Master, Obituary, and practically everything that makes Death Metal have an incredible impact. Threads together a variety of events on the Eastern Front (time to consult WarWiki or better yet some big ‘ol books and maps). Great stuff both musically and conceptually.

(((((1))))) Dark ambient, “dramatic” intro that actually works in setting the tone for the album.
((((((2)))))) Big ‘ol early 90’s Death Metal chug to charge. Builds up brilliantly. Riffs so thick you could cut ‘em with a bayonet.
(((((3)))) Death/doom to fast DM. Makes a good impact. Lyrics deal with the killing of thousands in the battle on the between Germans and Soviets on Finnish-Soviet border in September 1941-June 43.
((((((((4)))))))) Slow and crushing to pummeling speed that builds up at the tempo of a Panzer tearing across the Soviet tundra.
(((((5))))) Steady, catchy riffing and Van Drunen’s blood drenched vocals. Deals with the Nazis planting their flag in the highest point of the Caucaus Mountains in Aug 21, 1942 & events leading to it.
((((((((6))))))))) (FCC @ 3:59 “FUCKING” sung once) Urrrgghyyeh! Totally ‘bangin’ DM with possessed vocals and completely awesome. Great lyrics that describe that Soviets striking back.
((((((7)))))) Dense and heavy riffing and doomy vibe. Deals with the Soviet “night witches”, or their woman-commanded night bombers.
((((((((8))))))))) Fuckkkkk! Slaying, blasting battle ready Death Metal! Insane drumming & kick ass riffs. Soviets launch over 500,000 men along Romania.
(((((9))))) Jud-juding riffs abound and guttural but awesome vocals. Very focused and commanding.
(((((10)))))) Huge opening riff, doomy & dread in the absolute. Later it picks up a bit but mostly stays doomy. Various horrors during the siege of Berlin.
(((((((11))))))) Killer gallop riff & drumming, with a wait and see then – boom – super fast & raging DM with some trad. metal solos.
((((((12)))))) A mix of doomy parts and scattered thundering. Nice soloing. The final battles of Berlin & the aftermath. A good album ender.

Track Listing
1. Before The Storm (Barbarossa)   7. Nachthexen
2. Ordered Eastward   8. The Crucial Offensive (19-11-1942, 7.30am)
3. The Lake Lagoda Massacre   9. Stalingrad
4. General Winter   10. Insanity Commands
5. Advancing Once More   11. Inferno At The Carpathian Mountains
6. Red Wolves Of Stalin   12. Berlin