Say Bok Gwai / Chink In The Armor
Album: Chink In The Armor   Collection:General
Artist:Say Bok Gwai   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Edgetone Records  

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Chow Fun Chow Not So Fun, $40 T-Shirt, Trick Duck
4. Dec 23, 2008: What the fush?
Fuck A Ronnie Reagan
2. Jun 13, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Neu Metal
5. Dec 23, 2008: At Your Local Bloodstains/Diving Into Bloodstains
Trick Duck
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Kill Beauty
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Trick Duck

Album Review
Brendan Erickson
Reviewed 2008-10-06
A good Hardcore/Thrash album. Nothing really special about these guys but their songs weren't horrible. I feel like these guys have some real talent but this album is filled with a lot of songs that seem like random unfinished tracks and is more like an outtakes album than a real one. The tracks that were fleshed out were decent hardcore at worst and very entertaining original music at best.
I liked:3,14,30,31. Some FCCs detected, maybe not all because a lot of it was screaming.

1.Loud hardcore track with start stop dynamics and screamo vocals.
2.FCC? (vagina? fcc?)Fast crossover thrash with a mix of screamo and death metal vocals. At different points in the song the two singers have spoken word segments that come off as more disturbing then good.
3*.Good hardcore track, with understandable lyrics!
4.FCC! fuck. It starts off as a thrash song, and then changes to a cantonese rant, ending with a falsetto chant and heavy metal shredding.
5.34 seconds of the band saying all the other bands who they hate.
6.A continuation of the last track with the band stating what they hate about them. Decent hardcore track.
7.This track was a speeding bullet that ended so quickly that one can barely process what they just heard.
8. FCC! fuck & dick. Typical Crossover-thrash song with heavy metal shredding and blast beats and hollered lyrics.
9. FCC! fuck & ass(fcc?)Like number 8 but against Bush instead of Regan. Again thrash sound.
10.Fcc! bastard(fcc?) fuck & shit. Pretty good Thrash track with pretty good vocals.
11.Slow sort of sludgy track with ominous vocals.
12.Good slowish thrash.
13.Typical Hardcore, with the singer attempting to imitate Serj Tankian...and failing.
14*.FCC maybe.. fuck maybe... Pretty cool bass heavy track with lyrics describing the turmoils of finding a bassist and the underappreciation of the instrument.
15.Slow instrumental jam, which was nice and a spoken cantonese part at the end. Occasionaly the song will speed up in an odd YYZ imitation.
16.Melodic Thrash track
17.Hardcore with screaming vocals
18.Energetic thrash track.
19.FCC! fuckin. Typical Hardcore
20.FCC? ass? Gives a bit of a headache because of the vocals.
21*. FCC! fuckin. More like a Bad Religion song than anything else on the album. Pretty good track.
22.Probably the funniest track on this album, with a call and response chorus featuring falsettos.
23. FCC! shit. Alright generic hardcore
24.FCC! shit & fuck.What just happened? It was 15 seconds of loud music that came and left too quickly
25.Kinda like a harder Clash song good though.
26.A lot heavier than the other stuff is more like a death metal track then thrash/hardcore.
27.A mix of the Clash and a hard rock song.
28.Generic hardcore, not very appealing.
29.Fast thrash.
30* FCC! motherfucker.One of the more well developed tracks on the album, that features very good shred guitar.
31*. A pleasent oddity sounds a lot like a Primus song and theres a tint of jazz in there, minus the horns.

Track Listing
1. Whitey Comin' Down   16. Old School
2. Chow Fun Chow Not So Fun   17. Neu Metal
3. Trick Duck   18. Year Of The Cock
4. Return Of The Monkey King   19. But You're White
5. $10 Sandwich   20. Real Men
6. $40 T-Shirt   21. Rock On!
7. Kill Beauty   22. Frozen Taquitos
8. Fuck A Ronnie Reagan   23. Try Soap And Water
9. Pook Guy Bush   24. Eatmenow
10. Handbook   25. Hypocrite
11. Sheeple   26. Your Shame
12. Haam Sup Gwai   27. Mba
13. Not All Chinese Are Good At Math   28. Yellow 5 Part 2
14. Bassick   29. A-1
15. I Can Only Provide The Toilet Paper   30. Revenge Of Vincent Chin
  31. White People In A Hurry