Loga / Loga
Album: Loga   Collection:General
Artist:Loga   Added:Jul 2008
Label:Velocity Records (Usa)  

Recent Airplay
1. Jun 08, 2016: Brownian Motion
Gold Pesos, Porpoise And The Hare
4. May 09, 2012: Brownian Motion
Porpoise And The Hare
2. Jan 22, 2014: Brownian Motion
Porpoise And The Hare
5. Sep 08, 2010: Brownian Motion
Gold Pesos, Porpoise And The Hare
3. Mar 13, 2013: Minding The Gap
Porpoise And The Hare
6. Oct 01, 2008: Brownian Meltdown
Porpoise And The Hare

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2008-07-05
Pre-Isis. This is a vinyl transfer of a 7” that the band gave me in 1997 after I witnessed them perform at The Middle East on Cambridge’s Mass Ave. They loaded in, played in front of about 40 people and laid waste to everyone present. Heavy, head nodding downtuned sonic bliss. Not so much grunge as an evolutionary shift between grunge and straight experimental metal. But overall: heavy. I was drunk, after sitting upstairs and becoming a local over the course of the afternoon (I was there on business) and being fed free drinks. But I knew a great band when I saw them. After they played I told them to “shtick together, don’t shtart fugging eachotherz girlfriendz, shtick together” and they sent me home with two free 7”s. To make a long story short, Loga turned into Isis. Yes, Isis. So you have here in your hand proto-Isis. Extreeeemly rare 7”, which I consider as good or better than Isis. Enjoy!

Track Listing
1. Porpoise And The Hare   2. Gold Pesos