Odd Nosdam / Pretty Swell Explode
Album: Pretty Swell Explode   Collection:General
Artist:Odd Nosdam   Added:Jun 2008

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-07-23
Nosdam’s creates some wonderous trip-hop/electronic beat re-mixes of other Anticon artists. Much of this is chilled out, laid back and great for headphones or “mellow” part of your late night parties. Lots of special guest appearances. Most notably Jessica Baliff and Dax Pearson. Great stuff even if you haven’t heard the originals.

(((((1))))) Airy vocals, slow hazy guitar & beats.
((((2)))) crackly vinyl, layed random sounds, distorted guitars & beats. Odd but interesting.
(((3))) Near techno “doot-doot” beat but mixed with straight ahead, clear & plainative (but kinda good) male vocals. Gets weirder and louder later.
((((4)))) Short, ice-breaker” beats and reverb/echo guitar. Pretty nice.
(((((5))))) Warbly, faded but bouncy beat and nice melodica/keyboard sound. Really rad breaks & shifts.
(((6))) Odd metered & kinda funky. More complex than it sounds on first listen.
(((((7))))) Psych/noise fuzz then clanky beats and cut up vocals moving from one channel to the next. Confusing but good.
((((8)))) Psych guitar and loops of voices. Short.
((((9)))) Slow & chilled out ambient/trip hop with cut up female vocals. Goes down easy but not too easy.
((((((10)))))) Mellow ambience, slow beats and gorgeous vocals via Ms. Baliff. Perfect!
(((((11))))) Floaty, chiming tones and loud electro-dub beats. Really catchy (albeit repetitive) stuff.

((((1)))) Seems to being where “Untitled Sketch” (see disc 1) left off. Ambient haze dragged out for over 1:50. Nice stuff.
(((((2)))) Ambience/drones with a few layers of voices buried underneath.
((((3)))) Cycling tones, random spittle’s of beats and sampled voices near the end.
(((4)))) Tweaking with old records on 8 2/3 to 12 ½ RPM. Like a shortened turntablist Sunn O))?
(((5))) Ambient drone ‘ala Stars of the Lid then gets louder with backtrack and other guitar & beat based layers. Good but goes on too long.
(((((6))))) Big sounding dark ambient drone. Should be longer but otherwise really well done.

Track Listing
1. Untitled Three (Jb's Og Mix)   9. Ligaya (Remix) - Alias & Tarsier
2. Don't Come Down Here (Blasted Remix)   10. Untitled Sketch - With Jessica Baliff
3. Freshman Remix - Thee More Shallows   11. Forever Heavy (Shoegangster/Jb Remix) - Blackmothsuperrainbow
4. Dc (Bit) - Boards Of Canada   12. Cut
5. Hallow Me   13. Perfectly Pink Path (For Dax)
6. No Good - (Nosdam's Dub) _ Skyrider   14. My Prayer Rug
7. Growin Up In The Head-Four Thousand Style Bracken   15. Bear Hug
8. Wreck Time   16. Dayvan Cowboy (Remix) - Boards Of Canada
  17. 20th