Population Reduction / Each Birth A New Disaster
Album: Each Birth A New Disaster   Collection:General
Artist:Population Reduction   Added:May 2008

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-08-09
Local death/grind armed with just guitar, drums and snarling to gurgling vocals. Overall pretty rad stuff in the vein of Repulsion, early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, and Carcass along with a steady chunk of thrash. Plenty of drug influenced silliness in the lyrics but that's part of their charm.

(((((1))))) Killer instrumental mix thrash and old grind like Terrorizer.
((((2)))) Funny movie sample, then blasting rage not far from early Napalm Death in a cloud of weed smoke.
(((((3)))) (FCCs “fucking” sung twice)
Super tight riff, really good vocals and cymbal crashes. Funny lyrics, too.
(((4))) Fast grind, a bit TOO silly but it kinda works.
((((5)))) (FCC “fucking”) Blazing death/grind with guttural & screamed vocals. Could be a lot shorter, though.
(((6))) Super-messy death grind guttural blast o-rama. File under: good but it’s been done before.
((7)) Boring, by-the numbers grind with a few fast-as-hell riffs. Ruined mostly by the vocals.
(((8))) Good instrumental jam,
(((9))) Charelton Heston sample? Big Death Metal riffage mixed with guttural & high registered vocals. Works off a nice steady tempo but again the vox could be better.
(((((10))))) Dense , straight up death metal with pummeling riffs the high vocals work great but the low vox aren’t so good. Lyrics are political but also very sarcastic.
((((11)))) Silly 4 second death grind blast.
((((12)))) see above + 9 more seconds and an “Uuohhhhh!”
(((13))) Catchy riffs but super low vocals are buried in the mix. Grind, death, doom and a little black metal but sounds better on paper.
((((14)))) Guttural death metal/grind that actually works. Fast thrashy and with plenty of identity. Lyrics only stoners & horror nerds will get but still fun.
(((15))) More garbage disposal vocal grind/death. Drags on longer than it should.

Track Listing
1. Schnauzer Autopsy   8. Legalize Everything
2. Hash Smoking Grind Freaksv   9. Road Rage At The Farmer's Market
3. Yuppie Assault Vehicle   10. Phoenix Program Revisited
4. Cock Rock Barbeque   11. Pocket Change Buckshot
5. Amish Meth Dealer   12. Punching Zombies In The Face
6. Criminal Commercial Consumption   13. Black Metal Beach Party
7. Sausage Factory Showdown   14. Taking Bong Rips In The Tomb Of The Blind Dead
  15. Return Of The Beast