Gori Ussi Winnetou / Budi Se Istok I Zapad
Album: Budi Se Istok I Zapad   Collection:General
Artist:Gori Ussi Winnetou   Added:May 2008
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Budi Se Istok I Zapad, Ajde Ljubavi Pokazi Picku Budi Se Sjever I Jug
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Svijetla Buducnost
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Svijetla Buducnost
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Svijetla Buducnost
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Budi Se Istok I Zapad, Ajde Ljubavi Pokazi Picku Budi Se Sjever I Jug
6. Aug 23, 2014: BravoMarco Variety Show
Draga Istra! Zadnji Put - Prodano - I Am Down

Album Reviews
Reviewed 2014-07-29
Gori Ussi Winnetou
Budi Se Istok I Zapad, Ajde Ljubavi Pokazi. Budi Se Sjever I Jug…Uf, Uf!
Be the East and the West, come show love Pick, wake up North and South ... Whoa, Whoa!
Reviewed by BravoMarco

Croatian folk, blues, cabaret, klezmer, industrial, punk – It’s all here. Gruff vocals add to the charm with plenty of passion & energy. This was released in 2005 (re-released 2014?) & appears to be one of six released that year. A prolific out-putter of material if ever there was. This is rough around the edges, but at times sheer joy. Some words in English, among the other languages on display. The Croatian Tom Waits. Overall – A truly great addition to KZSU.
Liking 3,4,7,8 Loving 1, 2, 5
FCC’s 2* (In English & perhaps other languages)

1) Budi se Istok i Zapad, ajde Ljubavi pokazi Pičku. Budi se Sjever i Jug ..Uf, Uf (4:02) The title track. This is very pretty as well as grizzerly. Slower paced.
2) *Draga Istra! Zadnji put - prodano - I Am down (8:10) A classic! The odd word in English including (Fuck You) This is a joyous slow methodical blues opus. It’s a real shame that the FCC is on this one. Play the first 2 minutes & fade out. Or fade out the FCC at around 2.27 & carry on. It’s worth it.
3) Achtung, Achtung - Embrio on the Road. La Grande Cazzata Finale (5:22) Spoken word / Poem, over a lovely simple arrangement.
4) Tito, Tito to su sad oni (6.00) Hasher more industrial sound. Still has a mellow quality though. Head nodding bliss.
5) Svijetia budućnost (5.53) The blues of Mali – Croatian style…. Smooth.
6) Prijatelj iz Sarajeva (7.38) Starts of metal-like then turns into a ballad with feedback. Shades of David Bowie - Weakest one for me.
7) Nakon piva uvijek ide konjačić (5.19) Another soft lovely melody with gruff voice.
8) Sat (17.37) Slow intro & then much more vibrant, plenty of bass, synths & driving guitars. Ends at 6.50 – Hidden track at 14.54 – jingly jangly instrumental
Alan Joyce
Reviewed 2009-02-03
Croatian label Slusaj Najglasnije brings forth an album that doesn’t fail to delight in the apparently bizarre, as rough, bass male vocals weave in and out with folk guitars and gentle percussion. It’s Rammstein on a chill pill. Almost all lyrics are in Croatian, and vocal styles range from spoken word to gentle melody to coarse grumblings. Fluid and pleasant, with occasional divergences into the upbeat or the offbeat. Possible FCC on track 2.

*1. Folky and rhythmic. Melodic chorus contrasts with grumbled verses.
2. Slow, moody instrumentation with vocal repetition of “I’m down.” Possible FCC at 2:27 in, although it could just be a Croatian word.
3. Spoken word set against gentle acoustic noodling.
4. Head-nodding and rhythmic with crunchy rock guitars.
5. Heavier percussion and synths making for moody, slow rock.
6. Noisy guitar crunch melts into soothing vocals and acoustic strumming.
*7. Fluttering guitars and ultra-gentle percussion back semi-spoken vocals.
8. A 17+ minute track. Bumps up the tempo at 1:00 in, taking on a groove rock beat augmented with spoken utterances and sweeps. Goes completely silent at 6:35, but returns at 14:55 to close with experimental electric guitar.

Track Listing
1. Budi Se Istok I Zapad, Ajde Ljubavi Pokazi Picku Budi Se Sjever I Jug   5. Svijetla Buducnost
2. Draga Istra! Zadnji Put - Prodano - I Am Down   6. Prijatelj Iz Sarajeva
3. Achtung, Achtung - Embrio On The Road   7. Nakon Piva Uvijek Ide Konjacic
4. Tito, Tito To Su Sad Oni   8. Sat