High Pink Clouds, The / Cow With The Window In Its Stomach, The
Album: Cow With The Window In Its Stomach, The   Collection:General
Artist:High Pink Clouds, The   Added:May 2008
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-07-09
Very odd blend of spoken word and lo-fi, shall we say, “D.I.Y. prog rock”? Often interesting sometimes random and surreal and silly. In the realm of later-era Zappa and a little Negativland at their most spontaneous & silly.

(1) Some kid talking to their mom about recording. Lame.
((((2)))) Loose, jazzy improvy, prog. Gets better as it moves along.
(((3))) Zappa-ish synclavier/synth bits, bass and “clap beats”.
((((4)))) Rumbly, rhythmic and jazzy fusion.
(((5))) Sparse, jam and a bunch of conversational spoken word snippets.
((6)) Spotty classic rock vs. “free noise rock” jam. Kinda lame.
(((7))) Except of a funny short story about the cow in the album & weird, fake commercial.
(((8))) Another story mixed with jazzy jams. Sort of amusing.
((((10)))) Loose, funky jazzy jam. Would be a hit amongst stoned college students but actually good for what it is.
((((11)))) Slow and steady build up with a prog-rock/lo-fi jazz fusion base.
((((12)))) Etheral, choral, very airy, voice sound just like the title. Nice.
((13)) Huh? Feedback, spontanenous drums and some lady talking about pills & cigs.
((14)) Minimal guitar chords & noodling.
(15) Some guy calling his dog and the dog talking back.
(((16))) Basement jam, with a god bass sound. Guitars are just OK but the bass playing takes the cake.
((17)) More Pookie Chow ads, more 80’s Zappa-ish, electronic silliness that goes nowhere.
((18)) Disjointed guitar/drums hippy fusion-y jazzy sounds that are too close to the ‘Dead for comfort.
((19)) Really long “discount prog” jams going in a bunch of different directions but rarely landing a good place.
(20) Really lame skit about a guy that needs to go to the loo. (FCC “shit” said once)

Track Listing
1. July 31, 1966   11. Sleeping
2. No Mind Never Matter   12. Ah Oh Wah Oh
3. Cobalt Rat Candelabra Theatre Intro   13. Red Pills
4. The Impenitent Dead   14. Purple Microdot Blues
5. She'll Be Your Friend If You Let Her Be Your Friend   15. Princess
6. Thyroid Condition   16. Would Your Turtle Like Some Lettuce?
7. Talking To A Girl / Pookie Chow   17. Cobalt Rat Candelabra Theatre Outro
8. Cluck Truck   18. Refractive Phenomenon
9. Delivering Scientific Equipment   19. The Return Of The Impenitent Dead
10. It Looks Like You   20. Jeri And Jeff Talk About It