Lau Nau / Kuutarha
Album: Kuutarha   Collection:General
Artist:Lau Nau   Added:Apr 2008
Label:Locust Music  

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Album Review
James Mason
Reviewed 2008-04-24
Rustic experimental free-folk from Finland. Beautiful, delicate, hypnotic, and hippy dippy. FCC clean. Picks (all good, but):
Hypnotic - 1. Folky - 2,3,5. Experimental - 6,10

*1-3:53) Beatless, swelling indian drone, hypnotic vox. Rustically religious.
*2-4:14) Folky, delicate unusual string tones, beautiful interweaving vox.
*3-4:32) Seemingly aleatory pluckings that form a rhythm, lo-fi treated vox. Singing outside on a porch before a storm. Last 1:30 a drone slowly overtakes the group.
4-5:30) Chimey and sparse. Quiet buzzing in background, childlike singing. Very slow.
*5-4:07) Rythmic, playful, pretty melody and charmingly out of tune violin.
*6-2:47) Quiet, lo-fi experimenting with strings and percussion, tape manipulation? Ends sparse.
7-4:38) Vox. and slidey elec. guitar sing expansive, deliberate melody. Ends on warm harmonium tone.
8-3:48) More instrumental feel, Indian drone and flutes prominent. Very nature-y.
9-4:24) A traditional Nepalese song. Slow processional with vaguely asian sounds.
*10-3:06) Experimental recordings of percussion, and ambient sounds. Starts sparse and grows more frantic then dies down.

Track Listing
1. Jos Minulla Olin   6. Johdattaja Joleen
2. Kuula   7. Hunnun
3. Plakkikanteletar   8. Kuljen Halki Kuutarhan
4. Tulkaa!   9. Kivi Murenee Jolla Kavelee
5. Puuportti Nautaportilta   10. Sammiolinnut