Ito, Teiji / Music For Maya
Album: Music For Maya   Collection:General
Artist:Ito, Teiji   Added:Apr 2008
Label:Tzadik Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2008-06-02
Outsider avant-world-classical 1956-1967 soundtracks. Teiji Ito plays almost all the instruments here. Lots of unusual percussion, and clarinet. Focuses on asian, flamenco, indian, jazz, classical, and avant aesthetics. Vaguely comparable to Harry Partch. The liner notes are helpful. Also check out the other CD we have of his work focusing on Japanese elements. Ito creates his own world of sounds....Amazing stuff. FCC clean. Picks - Disc 1: 1,6-8 Disc 2: 3-5,9-12

*1-5:11) Light flowing, arabian feel perhaps, dance feel. Flute, banjo, over indian percussion and finger chimes.
2-12:58) Slow wandering classical guitar, flute, and block percussion with japanese sensibility.
Slow moving and sparse. Humming and bowed double bass. Lots of empty space beware or be appreciative.
3-7:43) Slow. Gamelan and flute. Sad clarinet, meek percussion. Picks up tempo at end.
4-13:12) Slow pensive gamelan percussion. Midway bass clarinet, clarinet, flutes classically meander against each other.
5-6:00) Faster, perky asian exotica percussion sounds. Lamenting clarinet. Mellows at end.
*6-8:37) Dramatic drum roll intro. Xylophone, wood block, brushed snare drum, flute takes melody. Ends tense..
**7-14:14) Fast hammer dulcimer. Tension. Fast trainlike percussion. Taped drunken Ukelele Ike style song! Acousitic guitar. Ends with cool singing.
*8-2:35) Mid-slow percussion, vaguely Burmese feel. Intriguing horn sounds. Last minute is quiet air blowing through a flute.


1-3:27) Faster, percussion, flute, vocal noises, latin pop guitar.
2-5:25) Fast bagatelle duet for classical guitar and clarinet. Classical feel. Moody cymbal percussion intrudes.
*3-4:16) Solo hammered dulcimer. Great piece.
*4-4:54) Flamenco feel. Guitar, flute, and the foot stomping.
*5-2:40) Strange. Primitive electronics and percussion.
6-6:43) Mid-tempo, odd piece. Called "Water Music Study". Kind of burbles along.
7-11:38) Cookoo free jazz. Loose bird calls, snare drum.
8-9:38) Sparse, meandering woodblock percussion and clarinet.
*9-4:38) Hammer dulcimer meanderings. Spooky, and on edge.
*10-4:59) Classical feel with guitar and clarinet. Sudden change to fast 50s bop drumming and trumpet! Back to the guitar and clarinet. Ends simply.
*11-2:15) Abstract, unconventional sounds, some hammer dulcimer and percussion. Builds into an echo chamber of sound.
*12-6:48) Varied exotic percussion that bubbles and flows along. A little clarinet too. The drums really talk on this one. Builds to the end.

Track Listing
1. Lights Along The Way - India   9. Moonplay
2. Meshes Of The Afternoon   10. Arabesque For Kenneth Alger
3. Lights Along The Way - Java/Korea   11. Operation Hourglass - Diesel Engine
4. The Very Eye Of Night   12. Water Music Study
5. Lights Along The Way - China   13. Orgia
6. Maeva   14. The Language Of Faces
7. Dwightiana   15. Works Of Matisse
8. Bagatelle For Willard Maas   16. Handwritten
  17. Lifelines