Gold Record Studio / Live At Laney Flea Market
Album: Live At Laney Flea Market   Collection:General
Artist:Gold Record Studio   Added:Mar 2008
Label:Edgetone Records  

A-File Activity
Add Date: 2008-09-07 Pull Date: 2008-11-09 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Oct 12 Oct 5 Sep 28 Sep 21 Sep 14
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Defacator, Stix Sal Emily Lenny Jim, Harout, Emily Amara Lucio, Sue, Rob ('prandum'), Nancy 2
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Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2008-08-29
Mixed bag of outdoor recordings- field recordings of sorts. Some folks set up a recording table at an Oakland flea market and gave free recording sessions (plus a direct-to-disc lathe cut 7”), most tracks have traffic or bird sounds in background. Generally good quality performances and lo-fi production. You could do fine playing any few tracks in a row.

– DISK 1
+1. Fun guitar/banjo? duo, a little bit of swing
2.drum false start, not worth playing
+3.drums & sqounking sax
4.solo guitar tuning/noodling, turns into Girl from Ipanema
5.drum patterns
6.Lo fi buzzing, vocalizing, harmonium? cool grit
+7.Fem jazz acapella
8.drunk circussy
9.throwaway track
10.Weird groove and overmodulated rap, lowest-fi
11.randomly hitting organ keys, painfully poor
12.random keys but they repeat so it’s angular, prog. Compelling.
13.Reggae beat, off-kilter music
14.Random guitar strumming turns into flamenco-ish
15. Random guitar strumming
16.Mininal noise loop
+17.Reggae unplugged
18.M Spanish hesitant karaoke acapella
19.Folks trying to do a folk song… folk-song, Dylanesque
+21.Cute little kid, almost singing
22.industrial noise- springs being banged while tape changes speed
23.Happy, brief F jazz vocal
24.unstructured synth noodling
25.session recording gone wrong
+26.impromptu rendition of “My Favorite Things” w/new lyrics
27.Goth frere Jacques rehearsal, then random synth
28.M acapella, brief
29.late night party lounge act
30.60’s rock jam
+31. amateur lite-jazz “Blue Skies”
32.super tremelo! Spanish flavor.
+33.Funky bass, repetitive, good for voiceover
+1.melancholy guitar instr
2.shouting! over drums!
3.”Let it Be” with new music
4.random talking, then F rap over steady drums
5.pretty solo guitar
6. free jazz, kinda skronky
7.loopy noise & bass, quiet drums
8.talking over electric piano noodling
9.”Heart and Soul”, brief
10.FCC “fucking”. painful F vox over fuzzy guitars too low in mix overmodulated beat and chitchat, very short
+12.brief MC intro/demo
13.noodling. boring.
14.Bluesy M vocal over restrained drums, stops, gets coaxed back
15.Good basic beat and toots. Brief
+16.mid-slow indie instr, guitar drums violin
+17.Neat random plucks, then fast weird instr. Brief
18.guitar stumming, goes nowhere
19.accordian & band, laid back
+20.Spanish F singing over simple bongo. “world”
+21.reverb guitar instr, introspective, speeds up a bit
22.brief drum loop
23.menacing toy piano & drums, Feotus at the flea market
24.Funky groove interrupted
25.M vocal, simple guitar riff. Blues rock. Makes me giggle
26.Painful scratch, brief between the tracks, throwaway
28.minor key guitar & bass w/random drums
29.pointless guitar noodle, in background someone explains that they’re running off batteries
30.slightly more accomplished guitar noodling.
31.a few people having fun, quietish
32.brief, med-fast, steady beat
35.Mostly a drum demo
36.Drum and off-tune bass
37.3/4 time drums and harmonica, good but too short fuzz guitar & drums
39.heavy drums
40.noise loop w/flea market ambience
41.blues vamp & M vocal
42,43.random guitar & drums, goes nowhere
44.musical guitar & drums, 70’s ‘latin’ rock feel
45.Soft jazz decomposition
46.noise loop w/cymbals
47.snippit of conversation
+48.distorted groove instr
49.overmodulated drums, some guitar at end
+50.Fun Residents-circus-barker like, about the flea market!

Track Listing
1. Mongo Gaucho   42. Rennie Sonia
2. The Pitch   43. Aurora Wayne Lisa Rob
3. Felishia Mutt Rent   44. Blownbeets
4. Oscar   45. Dj Ready Red
5. Greg   46. John
6. Lee Jon Suki Brian Tom Jesse   47. Norvell
7. Sylvia   48. Denise Joe
8. Zach Dan Suki Michael Lisa   49. Kreamy 'lectric Santa
9. Nancy   50. Walter Jon
10. Charles Shelley Jon   51. Marc
11. Olga   52. Fernando Marina Dan Suki Michael
12. Eddie The Rat   53. Yesenia Jason
13. Jonathan Stix Sal Elembe   54. Don Ho
14. Kim   55. Drum Loop
15. Christian   56. Anthony Sr Anthony Jr
16. John (Record Loop)   57. Kyle Santos Elembe
17. Flash   58. Doug Dio
18. Antonio   59. Nasty Record Loop
19. John Lucio   60. Sarah Eric Shelley
20. J.J.   61. Pedro Jon
21. Nancy 2   62. Matt
22. Rob ('prandum')   63. Isaac
23. Sue   64. Sal Wayne Aurora Charles
24. Emily Amara Lucio   65. Katy Kara Emily Lisa
25. James Fulani Octavio Elembe   66. Monzy Ezme
26. Mary Jon Jonathan Priya Elembe Lisa   67. Qb Lucio Jon
27. Sarah Stix Sal Demalvae   68. Nina Demonte
28. Harout   69. Jason Lisa
29. Stix Sal Emily Lenny Jim   70. Dr. Jones Charles
30. Defacator   71. Beto Lucio
31. Alice Mike Jamie   72. Manuel
32. Jan Demalvae   73. Record Playback
33. Ernest Shelly Micha   74. Patricia Steve
34. Sam   75. Jesse Mariana
35. Inca Ore Lemon Bear   76. Mel Jon
36. Davis Stix Sal   77. Romy Shelly Lisa
37. Briana Tanaya Shelly Micha   78. Demelvae Sonny
38. Gary   79. Looping Record
39. Micaela Jeremy Alan   80. Money Mike
40. Sonny Chris Mauz Miquel   81. Dj Burn Shelly Lisa
41. Sarah   82. Leon Shelly Micha
  83. Rob Mauz Stix Sal Lisa