Alcoholics Unanimous / 20 Years Of Tanked Up Tunes
Album: 20 Years Of Tanked Up Tunes   Collection:General
Artist:Alcoholics Unanimous   Added:Jan 2008
Label:Steel Cage Records  

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1. Mar 14, 2008: Lost and Found
Crazy Horse
4. Feb 06, 2008: Brownian Motion
I'd Rather Stop Breathing Than Stop Drinking
2. Feb 20, 2008: Brownian Motion
I'd Rather Stop Breathing Than Stop Drinking
5. Jan 30, 2008: Brownian Motion
Drinkin' Wine
3. Feb 10, 2008: public noize racket
I'd Rather Stop Breathing Than Stop Drinking
6. Jan 19, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton - At the Heart of Winter
I'd Rather Stop Breathing Than Stop Drinking

Album Reviews
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-01-14
This is the band featuring Marla Vee and Thee Whiskey Rebel of obnoxio-punkers Rancid Vat. Marla & Thee Reb are husband & wife and they also have their son Elvis 2000 playing drums. It's a "family values" record for the drunk and demented.
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2008-01-14
Alcoholics Unanimous – 20 Years of Tanked Up Tunes
Reviewed by Sadie O., 1/5/07
Punk Rockabilly with some glam and a bit of metal – all songs about booze. Sounds pretty much what you’d imagine a band called Alcoholics Unanimous to sound like, really. Mostly pretty messy!
FCCs on 1, 3, 6, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20. Best tracks 9,17,24 (although 24 may not play.)
1. 2:18 FCC: “fuck”, “fucking” **bass-heavy stomp, unison vocals, quite evocative of the feeling, although the guitar solo may be rather too functional…
2. 2:36 **uptempo bopper hoarse vocals, fun.
3. 2:17 FCC: “shit” spoken at very end **swingy midtempo sashay.
4. 2:09 **rock version of C&W classic.
5. 2:33 **lop-assed midtempo rocker with singing apparently through a bullhorn. Decent little rockabilly guitar solo.
6. 2:09 FCC: “goddamn” “bitch” ***uptempo glam version of another C&W classic – can’t go wrong with a Merle Haggard song.
7. 1:33 **vocal intro, uptempo bopper, a bit swingy, fairly obnoxious vocal delivery.
8. 2:41 ***uptempo garage punk, adenoidal vocals, admirable sentiment.
9. 1:55 ****fine riff, glam/punk, screaming. Fine, but too short… Nasty burp at very end.
10. 2:10 **midtempo punky bopper.
11. 2:28 ***disorderly intro, totally off-kilter, but now with horns!
12. 2:48 ****wah wah, uptempo drunken funk, funny lyrics. I laughed, anyway. Absolutely hideous sax screeching.
13. 3:52 **slow and fuzzy stroll. Instrumental with more ghastly sax.
14. 2:33 FCC: “fuck” **midtempo messy punk, vocals sound they’re from a bad live mix.
15. 3:16 FCC: “fucking” **slow heavy metal guitar intro, then midtempo punk with a bit of quasi folk-metal chorus, mostly unintelligible.
16. 1:47 FCC: lots of “fuck” *uptempo punk novelty number – kinda Dickies-like.
17. 2:57 ****rather pretty electronics or guitar or something, midtempo glam rocker with a bit of echo on the vocals. More musically sophisticated than most tracks. I mean, vocal harmonies! Gosh!
18. 2:06 **uptempo punk rockabilly stomp with unintelligible vocals. I suspect FCCs, but I really can’t tell.
19. 3:43 FCC: entire concept of song, “fuckin” “shitting” *feedback and bass intro, midtempo messy glam punk. Some truly terrible noises…
20. 4:47 FCC: “fucker” a few times, it sounds like ***drunken minimalist remake of Kansas City. Rather lovable, like a dead puppy. Pretty much falls to pieces by mid-song.
21. 3:14 ***bass and guitar, quasi arty-jazzy, spoken word, eventually a sort of anthemic march, then very fast punk metal cover of C&W classic.
22. 2:27 **count-off intro, uptempo messy punk rockabilly cover of the classic.
23. 2:07 ***fast punk rockabilly bopper, swingy and fun. Either the song or the CD or my player gets real glitchy mid-song.
24. 3:56 ****Dixie on guitar intro, then midtempo bopper, cover of the Carl Perkins classic, completely raw, great. Mouth harp! (My player wouldn’t play the whole thing – I think the CD is damaged)

Track Listing
1. Drunk   13. Gin Rickey
2. Wasn't That A Party?   14. Drinkin' In The Men's Room
3. Vicious, Vicious Vodka   15. Drinking Saved My Life
4. Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)   16. Santa Claus Dwi
5. Bloodshot Eyes   17. Alcotopia
6. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down   18. You Can't Hurt A Drunk
7. Six Pack To Go   19. Shittin' And Pukin' At The Same Time Blues
8. I'd Rather Stop Breathing Than Stop Drinking   20. Beer City
9. Crazy Horse   21. The Wino/White Lightnin'
10. The Wino Boogie   22. Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee
11. Rot Gut   23. Drinkin' Wine
12. Don't Lose Your Head (Dr. Kegger's Theme)   24. Dixie Fried