Golden Death Music / Ephemera Blues
Album: Ephemera Blues   Collection:General
Artist:Golden Death Music   Added:Nov 2007
Label:Helmet Room Recordings  

Album Review
Rev. R4D4 Leech
Reviewed 2012-01-11
Golden Death Music - "Epherema Blues"
like the title of the album suggests, this group of songs are light, acoustic guitar driven, dream soundscapes with hushed vocals about ephemeral things. But at Track 8, the album gets more interesting and darker as it progresses. Hints of John Frusciante & Spacemen 3. No FCCs. Review by: Rev. R4D4. --- Best songs: 2, 4, 8,*9, 10, 11

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1. (3:15) sleepy guitar strums and synth winds blow past your dreaming mind. feelings of anticipation in a dream.

2. (3:22)shakey organ melody, panned out weird breathing goes into a layer of harder hitting synth. Not as nightmarish as you would think, but still creepy.

3. (2:23) guitar picking, piano riffs and not wanting to be alone. Cry cause you are alone! ;'(

4. (3:35) ominous keyboard intro leads into a more full band take on the feeling of waking up when you don't want to. Best song on the album for the full aural assault.

5. (1:59) too much dreaminess requires that you read self-help books cause you know you aren't doing anything for reals.

6. (5:04) heavier bass tones w. some chimes, drums with a slight gallop give it a nice whirl.

7. (4:16) toe-tapping beat gives it a slight stomp feel

8. (4:27) nice guitar riff over some distorted background with some sweet layered noise - Nice way to play against the idea of silence.

9. (4:23) The composition makes this one epic. Dirty guitar. Play it.

10 (:40) forty secs of noize

11. (5:02) "We know you were having fun, so did you think things would stay that way?" - great question. Haunting piano notes and sound effects wrap around your head.

12. (6:32) Brooding song. With some orchestral elements that lead to the waves. Nice.

Track Listing
1. Endless Dream   7. Ephemera Blues
2. Waking Nightmare   8. In Silence
3. Together   9. True Beauty Is Emptiness
4. Morning Sun, Morning Song   10. Ringing
5. Self Help   11. The Unmaking
6. Lost In Violence   12. Into The Ocean