A_Dontigny / Geisteswissenschaften
Album: Geisteswissenschaften   Collection:General
Artist:A_Dontigny   Added:Sep 2007
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Add Date: 2008-06-15 Pull Date: 2008-08-17 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Jun 22
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Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2008-06-05
Experimental mashups of noise, dance electronica, and/or samples of normal/nice musics. Lots of glitchiness even on the catchier tracks. None of these short tracks will unsettle a KZSU-inured noise DJ, and a few barely count as noise, but there's a likeable mess-with-your-head quality throughout.

Many tracks slice-and-dice samples of real music, creating mutant collages (3,9,12,17). Others set "nice" music against noisy sounds ironically (2, which is a misfire; 7, 13)

Some tend towards cheesier electronica/jazz blends in a pop-Euro way (5, 11 (*FCC*), 15). A_Dontigny *is* European, so that makes sense.

Faves: 1, 3, 4, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

1- Hip-hop-like countdown, then a fast blur of spliced sounds, kinda cool
2- Awful smooth jazz overlaid with ironic noisiness. But it doesn't cancel out the smooth jazz enough. Avoid.
3- Cut-up cello tones, a nice choppy feel. Overtaken by sci-fi sounds later
4- Snaky jazz guitar, angular, untreated. Backed by a crumpling sound that grows.
5- Dramatic tones vs. tinny glitches and weird piano
6- Reverent deep bass tones, into tough clambering noises
7- Symphonic! Like track 2, it overlays "nice" music with noisy experimentalism, this time more successfully.
8- Keyboard sounds in spastic bursts
9- Noise intro, then a smooth-jazz song gets dissected. Messy.
10- Rolling guitar riff. Forest of electronics and percussion. Cool wind-down ending.
11- *FCC* many times, not advisable for airplay. Airy synth tones, some guy yelling/moaning
12- Clanky chaos and big buzzing buzz. Fast.
13- Warbly nostalgia classical music, warped, with techno insects flying about. Gets dense, crunchy.
14- Dark and twiddly. Cool percussion.
15- Bass buzz, some distant crackles... then, an electronica beat, a bit chill
16- Ghostly vowels, then a heavy beat and catchy synth riff.
17- Like a rolling guitar chord cut up and respliced into varying rhythmic patterns. Fast and glitchy, as if the CD player was breaking up on orbital re-entry

Track Listing
1. Koons   9. Recollection Of Similarity
2. Pruitt-Igoe   10. Begriffsschrift
3. Tatline   11. Crowding Into The Behavioral Sink
4. Aufbau   12. Holzwege
5. Die Frohliche Wissenschaft   13. Turner
6. Queque Chose D'informal   14. All-Over
7. Color Field   15. Wirkungsgeschichtesbewusstsein
8. Gutai   16. Mathesis
  17. Crowding Into The Behavioral Sink (Jon Vaughn's Rondo Mix)