Eroc / Eroc 2
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Artist:Eroc   Added:Sep 2007
Label:Spv Gmbh  

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Unsere Neuen Rosen
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Ein Unhiflicher Anfang, Nebelwelt
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-09-28
Crazy psych, random spoken word and other oddness from Herr Heinz Ehrig (ex-Grobschintt drummer). Some of this is just Eroc jamming on his guitar or noodling on his synth. Othertimes it’s him and his friends babbling in German other times improv comedy bits (“im Deustch”, not English). Imagine krautrock, random bits of electronic improv mixed with The Firesign Theater. German comedy is not an oxymoron. Overall a real challenge but worth your time.

(((((1)))) Gorgeous slow psych
(((((2))))) Opens a packages and says “Nein!...” then gets super “Motorik” & electro-funky/groovy.
(((3))) Conversation about uh…? I dunno.
(((((4))))) Festive yet mellanchollic accordian and a very early 70’s movie soundtrack feel with a random kid “sprachen im Deutsch”
(((5))) Eroc’s kitchen faucet? Silly conversation about “paper mellotrons” and such.
(((6))) Eroc singing in the car. What a nut!
((((7)))) Silly, proggy march mixed with late 60’s “swinger pop”. The grass is greener in Germany, eh?
(((8))) Weird, comedic drunken randomness and sawing wood? Huh?
(((9))) Droney accordian, last 41 secs cut out.
((((10)))) Trippy, short “ethno-psych” piece.
(((((11)))) Short skit in German. You don’t need to know the laguage to be amused by this.
(((12))) Extreme short partial folk song
((((13)))) Weird-ass 70’s mellancholic rock, uh…lounge musik with “meowing” electronics and grunting?!? More than a few laughs.
(14) Someone babbling in the basement
((15)) Eroc explaining something
((((16)))) Eroc really, really, fucking HIGH!
(((17))) Detuned instanity. Also very wasted.
((((18)))) So, it’s uh…”Schlager-Dub”? Drunken bier hall chaotisch comedy.
(((19))) Eroc = Dion McGregor in German?
((((20))) Speedy, energetic kraut/psych sorta like Amon Düül II & early Can
((((21)))) More kraut/psych with an introspective vibe
((22)) Random conversation and sparse piano
((((23)))) Weirdly tuned guitar & moog instrumental.
((((24)))) Way blown out distorted freak out, maan!
(((25))) Extreme batshit “la-la” vocals and more from a belladonna damaged Tiny Tim
((((26)))) Bass and mellotron (?) noodling. Pretty fun.
((((27)))) Very psych and very krautrock, big strummy guitars echoing & sustaining.
((((28, 29 & 30)))) Random improv noise using electronics and mushrooms as a sound not as a psychoblin (or so it seems?) title = “Speech (of the) Mushroom”

Track Listing
1. Nebelwelt   16. Unsere Neuen Rosen
2. Ein Unhiflicher Anfang   17. Geburtstagsstandchen
3. Aktuelles Vorwort   18. Das Irrsinnslied
4. Der Traum Vom Wald   19. Eine Erkenntnis
5. Eroc's Reise   20. Ich Bin Ein Lachen
6. Lied Von Der Brücke   21. Sternenwelke
7. Toni Geht Nach Boelerheide   22. Ein Hoflicher Abgang
8. Geleerte Worte   23. Psychodelic Cloud
9. Abendmeer   24. Morley's Orgasm
10. Kleine Freude   25. Liebeslied (Maxiversion)
11. Prof. Erwin Senkellfuss   26. Der Mond Ist Aus Grünem Kase
12. Zeige Mir Den Weg   27. Der March Der Pfifferlinge
13. Sonnenfluch   28. Sprache Der Pfifferlinge 1
14. Der Alte Brylka Schimpft   29. Sprache Der Pfifferlinge 2
15. Herr Von Schwabulahn   30. Sprache Der Pfifferlinge 3