Softwar / Softwar
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Artist:Softwar   Added:Aug 2007
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The Softwar, Hagoo (The Victory Over Moods), Psychich Shake

Album Review
Kremit The Horn
Reviewed 2007-10-14
Beautiful, delicate, lo-fi, ambient, psychedelia. Features looped guitars, harmonium, faint bongos, and a very floaty fem vox. Very backgroundy and fairly similar from track to track. FCC clean. Picks 1,2,3,5,7,8,9

*1-7:09) Bed of backwards looped guitar, harmonium, echoey whistling. Floaty fem vox.
*2-7:34) Muted guitar plucking, bongos, sounds like something rediscovered from a closet from the 60s. Becomes very droney.
*3-5:57) Lighter, fast strum. Glockenspiel. Chimes. Folky and airier. A chantlike song.
4-4:58) Steady plucking that builds in intensity. Faint recording of Jewish chanting towards end?
*5-3:01) Quiet drone and childlike, sleepy song.
6-6:17) Thicker swirl of looped electronics gives way to folky singing becomes dominant on this one.
*7-2:20) Instr. Featuring the harmonium. Gamelan sounding stuff and various light percussion. Last 10 sec. silence.
*8-2:20) Chimes, harmonica. Lullaby. Last 30 sec. silence!
*9-4:21) Similar feeling as 8. Pretty ambience. Last 15 sec. silence.
10-9:00) One repeated motif from harmonium to bluegrassy strings, then back to harmonium and bongo.

Track Listing
1. Psychich Shake   6. Immul (The Children's Crusade...) Or, The Unplumbed Potential
2. Hagoo (The Victory Over Moods)   7. The Human Spring
3. The Softwar   8. Soft Love
4. Fraha   9. Sightless Sculpture
5. Earth Volley   10. Prui