Various Artists / A Visit To The Space Ship Factory
Album: A Visit To The Space Ship Factory   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Psychic Circle  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-24
20 tracks of obscure early 70’s rock, hard rock and proto-metal. The subtitle is a bit misleading as there’s nothing too prog about any of the bands aside from Fuzzy Duck & Beggar’s Opera which are only ½ way there. Labeling aside, it’s a LOT of fun and nice look back at what quite often were great “coulda been”, “shoulda been” bands.

(((1))) Swingin’, funky beat, garage-y guitars and histronic chorus. Dated but pretty swell.
(((2))) Excellent drumming and bass but the Guess Who-ish vocals don’t really work.
(((3))) Typical, early 70’s wailing guitar rock centered around the sing-songy chorus.
(((((4))))) Groovy, sorta-prog with a big guitar and organ sound. Some really cool drumming and vocal harmonies. Sorta like a less heavy Deep Purple.
(((((((5))))))) KILLER proto-metal from Israel (& the UK), totally over the top (for ’72 anyway). Loud & raunchy vocals and twin guitar harmonies! The riff is very close to early Rush and the vocals are reminiscent of Nazereth.
((((6)))) Low-end based Deep Purple/Led Zep-ish- rawk. Some really nice guitar work.
(((7))) Solid guitar playing but really weird, overcompensating “mystical dude” vocals.
((((8)))) Fuzzy, rudimentary, garage rawk/proto punk playing through Blue Cheer’s amps.
((((9)))) Weird, psych/hard rock, trippy organ-laden with dramatic Arthur Brown-like vocals.
((((10)))) Speaking of Mr. Brown, here he is with a space rock/psych with funky bass number. It oddly sounds like early Roxy Music.
(((11))) Vocal-centric with occasional moves to hard rock guitar/organ jams.
((12)) Nice guitars and organ but the overly-emoting vocals really kill it. (That and the dude reminds me of Lou Gramm of Foreigner).
(((13))) Silly vocals and a riff right out of James Gang’s “Funk #49”. Pretty amusing.
(((14))) Funky, loose 70’s rock with some pretty powerful Roger Daltry-like vocals.
((((15)))) The same “Rock Bottom”, “Doctor Doctor” UFO. This is pre- Michael Schenker. Solid, reverby, bassy, rambiling hard psych rock.
((16)) Beatles-ish vocals with fast strummy guitars. Some points for a few guitar wails but nothing else too interesting.
(((17))) Low-end hard-ish, swaggerin’ rock. Flat vocals but good interplay and solid groove towards the middle.
(((18))) Silly, vocal-based, bouncy pop with occasionally fuzzed out guitars, killer drum breaks and cowbell, yes–cowbell.
((19)) Twangy, Southern/Boogie Rock sounding thing. Discount Skynrd.
((20)) Low recorded, piano based swingin’ 70’s rock with more histronic vocals.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Treetops Why Not Tonight
2. Mousetrap Greenfields
3. Deadwood That Don't Help Me None
4. Fuzzy Duck Just Look Around You
5. Jericho So Come On
6. Incredible Hog Tadpole
7. Mouse It's Happening To Me And You
8. Helter Skelter I Need You
9. Beggars Opera Sarabande
10. Kindom Come Spirit Of Joy
11. Little Big Horn Just A Game
12. Strange Fox Bring It On Home
13. Onyx Air
14. Spontaneous Combustion Spaceship
15. Ufo Evil
16. Sheephouse Ladder
17. Pussy Ska Child
18. Axe People Come, People Go
19. Sunchariot Do You Wanna Know
20. Kansas Hook Nervous Shakin'