Plonsey, Dan / Wise King Taken By The Foolish One
Album: Wise King Taken By The Foolish One   Collection:General
Artist:Plonsey, Dan   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Limited Sedition  

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 03, 2008: Memory Select
3. Nov 11, 2007: Rorschach's Dance
2. Dec 14, 2007: Memory Select
(Sections R, S, T, part of U)

Album Review
Craig Matsumoto
Reviewed 2007-12-09
Pleasant and playful circus/chamber music, mostly a light atmosphere. A long-form piece that's easily excerpted for short attention spans or comfortable radio airplay.

This is the latest in Plonsey's series of long-form pieces for large band (something
like 15 players, including horns strings, guitars, and lots of exotic percussion.) It builds a
floating, continual atmosphere, built atop a pulsing rhythm that barely changes for most of the full 110 minutes -- a nod to Anthony Braxton's Ghost Trance Music, I think. The piece is divided into 26 segments, each assigned a letter; segment boundaries are where the musical style changes most noticeably. Within sections, things feel hypnotically repetitious but you'll hear the passage change subtly from measure to measure.
Kids would probably love dancing to this stuff (they couldn't make it through all 110 minutes, of course).

Track Listing
1. A   14. N
2. B   15. O
3. C   16. P
4. D   17. Q
5. E   18. R
6. F   19. S
7. G   20. T
8. H   21. U
9. I   22. V
10. J   23. W
11. K   24. X
12. L   25. Y
13. M   26. Z