Core Of The Coalman / Anxiety
Album: Anxiety   Collection:General
Artist:Core Of The Coalman   Added:Jul 2007
Label:Resipiscent Records  

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Add Date: 2007-10-21 Pull Date: 2007-12-23 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Dec 9 Nov 11 Nov 4 Oct 28
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Album Review
The Pittsburgh Pirates
Reviewed 2007-10-14
Local. A marriage of power noise/electronics and experimental manipulation of classical sounds, mostly church organ and strings. All very good, but takes a while to get into. Picks, 1,2,4,6,8,9

*1-4:18) Chaotic, squirrely computer/electronic blasts. Gets pretty intense and distubing. Bleeds into->
*2-7:15) More sustained sharp tones. Harsh, yet almost beautiful. Descends into lower pitches and more fuzz.
*3-1:30) Church organ. One note sustained for whole time. Bleeds into->
*4-2:44) Organ is cut by fuzz. Very short samples of sound interspersed with changing-the-channel-fuzz. Fast fowarded classical violin solo? Other tampered stuff. Last 22 sec. held synth harmonium chord.
5-4:38) Noodly electronic bagpipy sounds. Croaking and chirpy sounds. Gets a little busier and buggier. Symphony of little insects, rubberbands, and office supplies.
*6-7:53) Nice low rumble. at -6:25 classical dissonances. With darker electronic colors added. Ends with the sounds distorted by a helicopter almost.
7-3:45) Lots of picking, like spiders running along a fretboard. Sounds get more clappy. Warm tone enters underneath. Bleeds into ->
*8-26:25) Looong held organ chords. -21:00 sparse violin plucks in the background. As the piece progresses, the violin becomes more prominent and busy. By -8:15 things get chaotic and more intense, dominated by electronic noise. Last 20 sec. decrescendo. Bleeds into->
*9-13:32) Slapstick samples almost. Changing till about -10:30. Long, strong tones. Buzz develops. Swelling chords of swirling buzz. Beautiful. Ends fuzzy and quiet. Bleeds into->
10-1:37) Shrill/annoying fluttering elec. tone, ambient shuffling noises picked up by condenser mic near guitar.

Track Listing
1. Delawanna Autocords Ingested Death Knell From Without   6. Passacagalia On L
2. Bedfor Descent And Long Term Meth   7. Masts
3. Mineola   8. Mineola Crescent
4. Postcard   9. Abominable Horseperson Banzai Attck In The Earth Heart
5. Occurance Of A Reboring Outcrop At The Bed Level   10. Twinkle, Porphyroid Dowager