Seed, Mike / A Boy Mistaken For A Crow
Album: A Boy Mistaken For A Crow   Collection:General
Artist:Seed, Mike   Added:Jul 2007
Label:Anticlock Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-08-07
Voice & guitar -- sparse, delicate, very evocative, sometimes spooky and always enthralling. Smoky, almost whispered male vocals -- mic'd very closely which often makes them rather intense. Psychedelic or dreamy feel through most of the album. Mostly (sparse) acoustic instrumentation, some effects. Most tracks fade slowly to silence toward end. From the Isle Of Man in the UK and featuring playing by Justin Jones (Techix) and R. Loftiss (The Gray Field Recordings). Play with Broadcast, Young People, The Microphones, Gravenhurst, John Martyn, just about anything from Karl Blau or his label (Kelp! Monthly). Fantastic album. FCC clean. Start with 3, 8, 9, 16 (but it's all great).

1. Mysterious ballad... just voice & guitar. Starts with voice. Gets very quiet toward end.
2. Hectic, dreamy ballad. Multitracked vocals and a bit of keyboards toward end. Starts with fast arpeggio. Long, slow fade for last 30 seconds.
==> 3. Intense, sparse, slow ballad. Very loud, closely mic'd (but still nearly whispered) voice. Starts with sustained melodica chord... that continues through whole song. Ends cold with just voice.
4. More straight-ahead (still downtempo) folk with magical/medieval/celtic melody. Strummy guitar. Starts with strum. Fades on "you shouldn't bet."
5. Atmospheric ballad with lots of space and silence in it. Starts cold with voice & guitar. Gets quiet and whispery at end.
6. Short. A cappella to start, then monotone strings join. Ends cold with melodica.
7. Also short. Folky. Feels like a fragment of a song... a bit like you find from Lone Pigeon.
==> 8. Off-kilter acoustic lullaby. Starts with solo acoustic guitar... but played rather unusually. A sprinkling of words and then it ends with a quick fade.
==> 9. Slow, pretty ballad played with grand, sweeping strums. Starts cold with loud strum and voice, "Wednesday, Friday, Saturday for fasting...." Fades slowly to silence with a few seconds left.
10. Anthemic folk ballad. "If you think the world will destroy you, well it won't." Starts with hoarse voice and quiet strums. Silence in middle sounds like false ending. Fades at end, then a few seconds of silence.
11. Nearly spoken word/poetry with some odd sounds from an acoustic guitar. Starts with strums on muted strings, some acoustic percussion noises. Ends with just voice "See the world is calm again."
12. Hoarse, melodic vocals, with resonant strums. Starts cold. Goes to silence, then a few more quiet strums at end.
13. Experimental acoustic oddness. Starts with chaotic free-jazz jamming. Ends with barely audible vocals that fall into sleep.
14. Rolling folk ballad with very minimal instrumentation. Starts with acoustic noises. Gets very quiet toward end.
15. Very short. Mostly voice... just a fragment.
==> 16. Voice and autoharp. Very sparse and very pretty. Starts with voice. Ends on strum fade.
17. Spoken word nightmare piece. Starts with barely audible whispers, then melodica and skronky saxes (sounding like manic seagulls) join in. Very slow fade. Very cool.

Track Listing
1. Dear Companion   11. Bootless
2. Take Your Rest   12. Summer Sleep
3. Sleep In My Melody   13. A Boy Mistaken For A Crow
4. Holy Nightmare   14. Ticks
5. Letting In The Night   15. A Single Glass
6. Dear Old Crow   16. Words And Sleep
7. Moonless Lane   17. Appearing/Disappearing
8. Ghost Words   18. Burying A Hare
9. Ember Week   19. Below The Thorn
10. Well, It Won't   20. Look Who Stands