Cephalic Carnage / Xenosapien
Album: Xenosapien   Collection:General
Artist:Cephalic Carnage   Added:Jun 2007
Label:Relapse Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-07-30
CEPHALIC CARNAGE - "Xenosapien" CD (Relapse)
For a band who fits into such narrow genres as death metal and grindcore CEPHALIC CARNAGE are eclectic and never seem to sit still with a sound. They have gone so far as to write songs making fun of other genres in those styles of those genres. Fast, heavy, that is sometimes death metal and sometimes grindcore with a big sense of humor. Like on most of their releases they throw in a bunch of different sounds, including a track that leans metalcore and a slow doomy track with clean sung vocals to go along with all the death metal. Even the vocals are different on most tracks.
1. Quiet guitar beginning but after 30 seconds they kick into some heavy death metal with guttural vocals. A few too many pinch harmonics on guitar but the track is still damn heavy and brutal.
2. Guitar acrobatics that sounds like current metalcore bands but done well, better than most bands who make music like this, and the rhythms on this track are great, but i'm still not sure it's worth it.
3. Pummeling death metal.
4. Clean electric guitar opening before kicking into a sound that borders on black metal.
**5. After a midpaced start this track kicks into fast grindcore. The track goes through a number of changes including a midpaced groove.
**6. Fast and techie with lots of changes, including slow moments. Reminds me of bands like PSYOPUS.
7. Quiet guitar for the first minute, then kicks into a slow heavy melodic section with spoken vocals and then clean sung vocals. Reminds me of heavy ISIS tracks. They never speed up.
8. Short, fast, and heavy. They pack a lot into 1 minute.
**9. Tight, choppy guitar riffs. There is a funky jazz breakdown with spoken word towards the end. In the middle of it there are bursts of heaviness.
**10. Using sounds others fail to use successfully, like guitar acrobatics in a successful way. Short burts of guitar, guttural vocals, heavy and complex.
**11. Track ends with 5:03 remaining. This track goes through a ton of changes and sounds. Fast grind, quiet with just bass, slow and heavy with vocals you can understand, guitar acrobatics and a few others.
12. Slow doom. Starts fading out with a minute left on the track.
Good stuff -mph

Track Listing
1. Endless Cycle Of Violence   6. Heptarchy
2. Divination & Volition   7. G.Lobal O.Verhaul D.Evice
3. Molting   8. Let Them Hate So Long As They Fear
4. Touched By An Angel   9. The Omega Point
5. Vaporized   10. Megacosm Of The Aquaphobics
  11. Ov Vicissitude