Satan Panonski / Nuklearne Olimpijake Igre
Album: Nuklearne Olimpijake Igre   Collection:General
Artist:Satan Panonski   Added:Jun 2007
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2007-07-24
Crazy Croatian snotty mix of glam and punk, low-fi experimentalism, all bets off. Cheesy hard-panned tinny guitars and a vocalist who has all the snot of J.Rotten and swagger of I.Pop. The music teeters on Great Rock and Roll Swindle “is this a joke?” to some seriously crazy garage and studio experimentalism, dirgey moments and eastern bloc exotica. Of course the exotic language renders this unique and bizarre to our ears no matter how you shake it. Great stuff! Pick any, it all pleases.

1) cheesey snotty punk with pseudo-wanky guitar, glammy and trashy
2) spooky reverb and surf beat gives this a decidedly garage feel
3) chugga beat with punky fast vocal delivery and slop feel, crazy
4) upbeat tamer “rock” feel, very much like the Pixies sniffing glue
5) slower heavy rock feel, swagger
6) vocals+acoustic guitar only, lots of reverb on dramatic psycho vocals, huh? Great
7) slow drums, dirge kicks into high gear toward end
8) silly upbeat simple guitar progressions, punky
9) this one has an upbeat off-time signature and is one of those sore-thumb tracks that shows that these guys can really play their instruments
10) very silly with a cheesy waltzy “pretty” beginning and sarcastic vocals, kicks into some metallic punk after 1:30
11) bizarre pots and pans experimentalism, vocal screaming
12) upbeat simple rockin feel with fast phrased vocs
13) dirgey feel, silly swagger
14) punk feel despite chorus pedal in front end, strange
15) pounding rocker, sloppy and low-fi
16) marching drums, searing guitar themes
17) cool stereo flanged guitar, reverbed vocs, halting rhythm
18) brief, low fi thrashy
19) waltzy, almost silly and circus-like
20) lots of voices and a tambourine, less punky
21) upbeat punky, desperate, brief
22) strange first parts, shifts fast/punk, a variation on the fast/slow punk song
23) vocals and some percussive sounds only, clanging, shouting
24) variation of previous, without percussion, footsteps instead

Track Listing
1. Hard Blood Shock   13. Advokat
2. Pioniri Maleni   14. Trpi Kurvo
3. Ratno Stanje   15. Dragi Sine Moj
4. Kamikaze   16. Distonalitet
5. Odrezite Sise   17. Caj Od Maka
6. Djecakova Pjesma   18. Kiss My Cock
7. Oci U Magli   19. Odrsi Narezi Zarezi
8. Dm   20. Misli Li Istok
9. Iza Zida   21. Kliktaj
10. Tiho/Bajka   22. Lepi Mario
11. Deduin   23. Obdukcija
12. Slavica   24. Pokolj