Various Artists / Death By Salt
Album: Death By Salt   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2007
Label:Eighteen Percent Gray Records  

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1. Oct 29, 2009: IBS or Cron's?
Message From The Grave

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Vile Blue Shades Under Watchful Eye
2. Le Force Enviro
3. Form Of Rocket Dar Un Luz
4. Pleasure Thieves Seratonin Blue
5. Board Of Solitude This All Just Leaves Me Worried
6. I Am Electric Shocking Is My Visage
7. Heaters, The The Jones
8. Flying Missiles You Tore My Heart Out
9. Wolfs, The Finding My Way Home
10. Red Bennies For The Sake Of That Empty Space
11. Longarm Buros Is Broke
12. Starmy Berzerker
13. Tolchok Trio Our Lady Of Good Counsel
14. Buttery Muffins Twenty-Four
15. !Andale! Hit The Ground
16. Thunderfist Sleep When I'm Dead
17. Morlocks Lies
18. Andy Patterson, Sean Mclaugherty, Peter Makowsky, Curtis Jensen Hot Tundra
19. Smashy Smashy Jack It Day
20. Gaza Sluts Fuck Better
21. Union Of The Snake Kind Thieves, Rapists And Gentlemen
22. Fifi Murmur Message From The Grave
23. Glinting Gems, The White Lily
24. Sleeping Bag Ex-Blackhole
25. Onetimepad Test 3
26. Horns, The Broadcast Male
27. Agape Neon
28. Lollipop Guild Are You Done Yet?
29. Rope Or Bullets Car Chases
30. Purr Bats Alaughing Til They Baptised Themselves
31. Dwellers Round Again
32. Silvox Jaded
33. Coyote Hoods Bloody Lip
34. Bronco Deep Waters
35. 24-Oz. Can The Ghost Of Porter Rockwell
36. Assault & Batteries Alkaline Crickets
37. A. Vanvranken Off
38. Cosm Feat. Rameses Switch Lanes (Midnight Highway Mix)
39. Deadbeats Subsequential Space
40. Perception Cleanse Perception The Effect
41. Redemption Afterburn
42. Aodl Rubber Dress Fire