Various Artists / Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation
Album: Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2007
Label:The Numero Group  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2007-05-07
[coll]: Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation
Reviewed by Sadie O., 5/5/07
Big collection of uncharted wonders from a moderately successful Chicago soul label of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Tightly produced with great musicians and a range of singing talents. The funk stuff is hot as hell, but the less funky cuts are pretty second string – tend to remind me of better stuff that DID chart. The liner notes are huge, but not linked to individual tracks.
This was not the time nor place for FCC violations. Follow the stars…
1. 1:57 ***upbeat funky strut. Great male romantic braggadocio.
2. 2:28 *skippy, happy, like early Jackson 5, “mama he treats your daughter mean” lyrics.
3. 2:38 *uptempo and upbeat, big band and horns, falsetto vocals.
4. 3:14 *slick Lou Rawls-y stuff, big band, female chorus and dynamic male lead.
5. 2:48 **great bass and strong female vocals.
6. 2:50 rather lightweight female vocals.
7. 3:20 *hyperdramatic, slow love lament, falsetto vocals. Oh, he REALLY wants to be Smokey Robinson… Cool chorus, though.

8. 2:42 ***slow soul march with bass sax and amazing guitar sound, very strong male vocals. THIS should have been a hit…
9. 2:58 **midtempo jazzy piano, classic male vocal group sound.
10. 2:40 ****downtempo, great intro, funky instrumental. You can actually hear the mosquiter’s tweeter that this is funkier than.
11. 2:34 ***odd intro with effects, then somewhat uptempo funky strut. The band is HOT. HOT!!!
12. 2:46 ***downtempo funky soul, great piano and vocal group harmonies. Given a better songwriter, these guys could have given the Temps a run for their money.
13. 2:23 ***midtempo funk with falsetto vocals. Danceable as nobody’s business.
14. 2:35 *slow, over-produced, great vocals but the harp and bells are a bit much.
15. 2:24 ***OWWW! Uptempo funk with wah wah – if you can sit still to this, that’s a problem.
16. 2:27 **quite uptempo with lots of umph, and this girl can sing.
17. 2:38 *uptempo happy soul with falsetto vocals.
18. 3:19 **midtempo orchestra and vocal group, falsetto lead. It gets an extra star because that falsetto lead is damn good.
19. 3:19 ***midtempo, smooth, great harmonies… No funk, but gets an extra star for some amazing vocal passages.
20. 2:41 **slow gospel blues. Nice. Dramatic, builds.
1. 3:10 **downbeat intro, midtempo soul with nice bass work, vocal group. Groovy peace lyrics.
2. 2:20 ***funky, a bit uptempo, fuzz guitar, falsetto and baritone vocals. Getting close to Temps level.
3. 2:37 ***funky and a bit uptempo, a bit Superfly. Vocal group sound.
4. 2:39 **uptempo, big band and horns, strong male lead.
5. 2:52 **great piano intro, rather uptempo soul stomp. Danceable.
6. 2:39 **doubletime drum and guitar, male lead and rather overdone chorus harmonies. Quite spare sound for this label.
7. 2:58 ****uptempo funk romp – ya gots ta shake a tail feather! Both the band and the singer has got it goin’ on!
8. 2:27 ***midtempo funky jazzy big band, vocal group. Almost lost a star for that flute solo in the middle though…
9. 2:33 *mysterious siren song, downtempo and melodramatic, uber-sweet male (yes, that’s a male) vocals.
10. 3:38 *slow, big band drama. Very strong male vocals, otherwise it’d be pretty dreary, frankly. Awful female chorus.
11. 2:51 ***slow soul strut with big horns and… glockenspiel? An extra star for creative instrumentation and reverb.
12. 2:32 *big horns, downtempo, female vocals.
13. 2:55 downtempo, overproduced and overwrought. She’s trying…
14. 2:50 slow, sweet soprano female vocals. ookie. Sometimes I have to sacrifice a LOT to review this stuff, folks. Eergggh…
15. 2:41 *midtempo with a bit of talking blues intro, male vocals.
16. 2:57 *slow gospelish blues with organ, strong female vocals. Loses a star for the crap strings, though.
17. 2:30 ***THAT’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Uptempo funky strut with sassy female vocals. You go on, honey!
18. 2:46 *pooky intro, male vocal group.
19. 2:22 *uptempo bounce – and our boy’s balls have dropped!
20. 2:58 *slow orchestra with violins, soulful tenor vocals. Really nice bass and piano, once that violin quits…

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Stormy The Devastator
2. Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace Mama
3. Dynamic Tints, The Package Of Love
4. Nate Evans Main Squeeze
5. Krystal Generation Satisfied
6. Velma Perkins Yes, My Goodness Yes
7. Renaldo Domino Not Too Cool To Cry
8. George Mcgregor & The Bronzettes Temptation Is Hard To Fight
9. Mystiques So Good To Have You Home Again
10. Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street Gang Soul Strokes
11. Piece Of Peace Pass It On
12. Dynamic Tints & Pieces Of Peace Be My Lady
13. Renaldo Domino Let Me Come Within
14. Perfections Which One Am I
15. Harrison And The Majestic Kind Can You Find Me Love
16. Josephine Taylor Is It Worth A Chance
17. Notations, The Lonely People
18. Kaldirons, The To Love Someone (That Don't Love You)
19. Radiants, The My Sunshine Girl
20. Chuck And Mac Powerful Love
21. Notations, The A New Day
22. Dynamic Tints & Pieces Of Peace Rosemarie
23. Kaldirons, The You And Me Baby
24. Elvin Spencer Lift This Hurt
25. Perfections Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad
26. Mystiques Put Out The Fire
27. Johnny Williams Breaking Point
28. Mist Life Walked Out
29. Renaldo Domino Nevermore
30. Nate Evans Pardon My Innocent Heart
31. Schiller Street Gang Remind Me
32. Krystal Generation It Is Meant To Be
33. Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace Wayward Dream
34. Velma Perkins I'll Always Love You
35. Harrison And The Majestic Kind Tearing Me Up Inside
36. Joséphine Taylor I've Made Up My Mind
37. Jo Ann Garrett Goin' Man Huntin'
38. Notations, The I Can't Stop
39. Renaldo Domino Two Years Four Days
40. Jimmy Jones Yesterday's Mistakes