Various Artists / Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music From The Balkans To America 1910-1950
Album: Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music From The Balkans To America 1910-1950   Collection:World
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Album Review
Professor Barnaby J. Finkerton
Reviewed 2008-04-04
Tamburitza! Hot String Band Music From The Balkans To America: 1910-1950
CD 1

Staccato string band music from the first half of the 20th century in the Balkans region. Very cheerful, almost ecstatically so. Gives a good indication of historical traditions of the Balkan region. Everything from fast, rousing dance pieces to slow, deliberate chanting set to music. Complex string interplay weaves with multi-part male and female harmony. Somewhat repetitive at times, and many of the tracks are very similar. Overall sound quality is poor, but these are recordings remastered from the first half of the 20th century, so this is to be expected. Nonetheless, makes for authentic feel. Overall an excellent CD, if a little repetitive, but very representative and peculiarly engaging. The following tracks I found to be of note:

1. Sets the tone for the piece. Male vocals serenade confidently over cheery, up-tempo wire strings, backup vocals provided by team of two more men. Continuous plucking.
2. More string plucking. Slightly lower pitch, slower but still rather fast tempo. Main vocalist has eccentric singing voice, unclear whether male/female, male backup singers. Bow string instruments similar to fiddles combine with the plucked instrument of track 1.
*5. Very fast tempo, multiple plucked strings, simple bassline encourages foot tapping. No vocals, just continuous strings, for a very feel-good piece.
10. At least three male vocals, one of them harmonizing, sing tune that comes and ebbs in waves.
12. 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, slow dancing piece with ballad-like feel.
*14. Change of pace—single string instrument in background, operatic singing. A must listen!
15. Three instruments this time, pleasant melody sung by younger male voice.
*18. Complex string interplay highlights three part male vocal melody of bass, baritone, and tenor. Slow and deliberate, but no less complicated tune.
*19. Instrumental piece, gives the feel of whirling chaos, breaking way to ordered cacophony. Violin-like bow instrument interspersed with plucking.
*20. Almost Arabian-sounding horn with bow accompaniment, older male choir accompanies slow-paced, deliberate, quasi-psychedelic rambling.
*21. The plucking returns, for a complex instrumental melody fitting for a royal procession.
22. Bow strings accentuate a slow dancing piece, two-part melody with very low and very high parts.
23. Instrumental—very typical of the genre, with fast-paced, rousing, cheerful, and complex melody. Tempo speeds slightly throughout song.
*24. Tambourine makes its appearance, (Tamburitza!), and female singer makes some impressive vocal leaps. Very full voice over simple 1-2 background, very rousing.
-Professor Barnaby J. Finkerton

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jovanovic, Dulsan & His Tamburitza Orch Kockare-Mangupe
2. Adamov, Staich & Co. Dremala, Spavala
3. Verni's Troubadors Mujes Mala
4. Tamburitza Orchestra Ciri Miri Cica
5. Verni's Troubadors Micika Polka
6. Jovanovic, Dulsan & His Tamburitza Orch Ocemo Braco Da Idemo
7. Adamov, Staich & Co. Zenidba Meseca
8. Jovanovic, Dulsan & His Tamburitza Orch Dijpaj Djevojko
9. Kuharacev Mjeslovti Zbor U Osijeku Cuprija
10. Huszar & Miskovic Tamburitza Orch Moj Se Dragi Na Put Sprema
11. Tamburaski Zbor Mladi Doktore
12. Huszar & Miskovic Tamburitza Orch Pred Tvojom Sam
13. Miskovic Tamburitza Orch U Marice Beo Vrat
14. Santic, Paja B Kraj Vardara
15. Mimika, Joca S Ulice U Bastice
16. Mimika, Joca Ide Lola Vija Go Patrola
17. Mimika, Joca Vino Piju Lane
18. Mimika, Joca Majka Me Psuje
19. Tamburica Orchestra Arapsko Kukunjesce
20. Radivojic, Jovan El Meni Kazu Da Sam Prava Lola
21. Royal Serbian Tamburitza Orch Constantinople March
22. Mimika, Joca Kukuruzi Vec Se Beru
23. Tamburitza Orchestra Jeftanovicevo Koko
24. Sofka With Gypsy Orchestra Kolika Je Javorina Planina
25. Tamburitza Ensemble Of Ivan Kovacevic Backo Kolo
26. Stojanovic, Aneta Uranila Lepa Stana
27. Tamburitza Ensemble Of Ivan Kovacevic Koracina Juznigh Slavena
28. Milan Verni's Tamburitza Orchestra Sedam Sati Bije
29. Tamburitza Orchestra Javor Kolo
30. Kuharcev Mjesoviti Hbor Kosovo Waltz
31. Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra Haj Vinca, Vinca Ca
32. Kuharcev Mjeslovti Zbor Na Zdencu
33. Skertich Brotehrs Tamburitza Orchestra Sve Za Tvoju Ljubav
34. Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra Udona Sam Mlada
35. Balkan Tamburitza Orchestra La Paloma
36. Balkan Tamburitza Orchestra Erdejanka-Kolo
37. Kapugi Brothers Tamburitza Orch Ponoc Kad Dodje
38. Dave Zupkovich Orchestra Hey Tambu Re-Bop
39. Edo Lubich's Tamburitza Orchestra Sarajevka-Kolo
40. Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orchestra Oj Maricka Peglaj
41. Zupkovich, Dave Kraljevo Kolo
42. Tamburitza Orchestra Mene Majka Dje
43. Popovich Brothers Otvori Mi Mili Pile Vrata
44. Milan Verni Tamburitza Orchestra Vranjanka-Kolo
45. Milan Verni Tamburitza Orchestra Seljancia - Kolo
46. Zupkovich, Dave Tamburaska Potpura
47. Duquesne University Tamburitza Orchestra Worker's Greeting
48. Halik, John Malo Kolo