Another Electronic Musician / Patience
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Artist:Another Electronic Musician   Added:Feb 2007

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Album Review
Scott Coomes
Reviewed 2007-04-01
Another Electronic Musician: Patience (N5MD)
Ambient electronic w/ IDM moments; cool electronic noises form sparse beats in an unlikely way. Quiet, soft, but challenging music. At times, the parts sound like they come together aleatorically, rather than through arrangement. All tracks continuous; when the texture of each track becomes exhausted, the music morphs into the next song. Some dramatic synth crescendos + diminuendos, but the layers of loops are mostly constant. Gets a little boring during longer tracks, as the changes are often too subtle to notice underneath the layers. No vox/no FCC.
Play #1-2 together, 4, 10, 7
1) 2:48 – quiet electronic/industrial incidental/aleatoric noises. Sounds like something warming up. A little bit of a pattern forms after a while as layers grow. Goes straight into #2. perhaps play the two tracks continuously…
2) 10:39 –incidental electronic noises from #1 form into a sedate, quiet rhythm. Cool, sedate beat. Synth melody layers enter slowly. Beat drops out around 3:40, w/ bits of ambient bell-tone synth lines swirling around. Glitch beat then enters and slowly becomes predominant. Gets a little more driving around 6:38. Quiets for last 3:00 and gets more ambient. Crescendos into #3
3) 5:42 –driving simple mechanical sounding beat. Ambient pulses. Beat dies down about half way through, leaving pulses + incidental electronic shufflings/buzzings. Shifts into #4.
4) 7:44 –slow waves of rising ethereal synth. Brassy-reverb drenched synth waves. Sparse, glitchy bass enters. Almost new-age. Beat persists under airy synth. Synth then drops out 2:00 from end, leaving industrial click + white noises, w/backwards(fast-forward)? Sounding melodic stuff. Bleeds into #5.
5) 3:35 –incidental far-away sounding industrial noises, but some bell-tone synth melody. Xylophone melody dominates later in piece; for last 1:00, bass tone rumblings w/ incidental electronic noises. Quiet transition in #6
6) 7:26 –starts quiet w/some bell-tone melody low in mix. Ambient noises gets louder. Quiet beat enters around 2:45. Gets quiet w/ 2:20 left, then picks back up. A little repetitive. Quiet transition in #7
7) 5:03 –starts w/ ethereal crescendo. Beat from #6 drops. Airy; electronic noises sound like crickets. Slow growing aural shapes drift across piece. Gets a little murky/menacing.
8) 15:16 –simple, warm, soft bell-tone + insect-like electronic buzzing. Glitch melody develops. Goes quiet halfway through w/ complicated layers. Collapsing electronic bells give way to near silence w/ 5:00 left. Organ synth w/ light bells + handclap-like incidental beats.
9) 0:45 –quiet incidental noise interlude transitioning textures from tracks 8 to 10.
10) 7:36 –quiet electronic shufflings. Sparse bass synth line. Same electronic beats and buzzes from #8, but a little quicker, w/ more intense beats. High melodic glitchy synth loops ater. Some ethereal ambient swells bury stuff lower in the mix. Dies down mostly with 0:30 left, leaving some residual electronic static.

Track Listing
1. Waling At Noon   6. Slave
2. Within Reach   7. Today 83
3. Within Reach   8. Birthing
4. Overall   9. Diable The Outgoing User
5. Green And Olive   10. Eight Twenty Four / Pay