Messer Für Frau Müller / Triangle, Dot & Devil
Album: Triangle, Dot & Devil   Collection:General
Artist:Messer Für Frau Müller   Added:Feb 2007
Label:Aerocccp Recordings  

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Album Review
Turds McCloskey
Reviewed 2007-04-02
Neo-lounge/Russian kitsch/60s movie mash over jazz loops and/or electro. Interesting gimmick, good for a song, but not for a whole album. Project of Oleg Gitarkin (Messer Chups). Stuff i wouldn't feel bad playing little bits and pieces of. Picks 1,4,9,13

**1-2:57) simmering jazz brushed snare, snaps, lots of funny effects, screams, Russian, surf guitar. Horn
2-3:03) Cheap electronic dance, with thermin on top. Loop of "funny man" over slow rhythm changes.
3-3:11) Funky/dubby guitar over electro dance, with weird slapstick broken up by intermittent Russian dialogue over faux movie-soundtrack. Abrupt end.
**4-3:21) Lo-fi synth bloops, some Russian. Then a more cartoony jazz hi-hat, and 60s space synth. Bassoon and violin lines, and surf guitar. Abrupt end, then static wash fades out.
5-4:05) Electro-spy. Sax, surf guitar.
*6-0:54) Weird dreamy singing "its not place for me" with sweeping strings before breaking into a funny beat middle-easterny beat.
7-4:15) Avalanche style beat almost, lots of silly samples on top. Abrupt end.
*8-2:07) Russian dialogue, Jazz, 50s space synth, electro-glitch.
*9-4:05) Mid/fast. Russian dialogue. Jazz hammond, looped jazz lounge, exotica noises. Martin Dennyish. Grapelli-ish loop that is cool at -1:55. A real kitchen sink production.
10-1:18) Slow, lazy jazz hi-hat beat. Lots of silly effects, 60s movie sndtrk noises.
11-3:54) Sesame street dialogue. 40s cartoon sample intro. Fast 3rd gen. ska/surf guitar beat. Goofy. Lots of sesame voices saying "meow".
12-3:37) Russian diagolue. Surf guitar. Vocal samples "duke of earl", sax skronking.
*13-4:08) Cheesy electronica from foreign 80s pop.
String cadences, female sighs, synth. Ends on fade of alien in the video game "Asteroids"
14-1:17) Dialogue and jazzy things.
15-2:46) Electro-beat. samples.
16-2:53) Mid. Essentially surf. Horns, clarinet. Ends on cymbal crash fade.
17-3:14) Dreamy harp. electro 60s lounge. Female vox singing in Russian with prominent harp. Ends abruptly.

Track Listing
1. Agents And Spies   9. Barmaley '66
2. Funny Man Under Anesthesia   10. I Like I
3. Karate Feelings   11. Mr. Pshik
4. Ultrasound Vibrator   12. Intime Service Cosmique
5. Rock Rock Rock   13. Cherche Le Zavr
6. No Place For Me   14. Acorns From Mars For Pigs From Earth
7. Euro-Friendship   15. Hinki-Dinki Parlez Vous
8. Smile, But Don't Move   16. Goodbye, Sea! (Feat. Natalya Vetlitskaya)